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The view of the City with the Bell tower on the northwest.

I wont say I had a good night sleep, as the person next to me (opposite bunk) was snoring really bad the entire night. The guy was a complete ogre! Every time he got louder and louder, Id try to knock on the ceiling or turn positions just to make noise. I did this so many times that at one point my pillow fell off the bed and landed on the side table right below, whacked off the tumbler on to the woman with the loads of stuff I was saying earlier, and spilled water all over her pillow. LOL. Yeah she woke up and started grunting in Chinese, but when she heard me saying all my apologies in English, she smiled and went back to bed. Lol.


I grumpily woke up at 7:30 am yet was pacified at the sight of snow on the window. Having lived in a tropical country all my life, I honestly have never seen snow. So I sat by the window and listened to my iPod for the rest of the train ride until we finally got off the train at 10am.


The ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!’ song was running in my head the entire time as it was snowing hard when we got off. I met up with Mark just near the bus station and proceeded to our hostel, which was just next to the Bell Tower.


Bell Tower International Youth Hostel was one of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in. The beds are clean, individual lights and lockers, hot shower, unbeatable location and most of all a second floor bar. All for 45 Yuan a night.


As I was walking on the wet streets, I started to realize how traditional yet modern the city was.

The traditional Chinese street market as you would see on TV.
Xi’an, called the ancient city, was the first capital city of China. This is where China’s first Emperor, Qin, set up his empire which flourished for centuries. Four walls surround the city, (North, South, East and West) with the Bell Tower in the Center. Everywhere I looked, every street I turned, there was something traditionally Chinese. In one of the street markets, there were souvenir shops which only sold all the Chinese brushes, in all sizes, another with the famous terracotta warrior replicas. Chinese mask shops, Jade shops, Tea shops lined this street near the South Entrance.

Being on that street reminded me of the Jackie Chan Movies I used to watch when I was a kid.


Freshly fallen snow covered the pathways of the City Wall, giving me and 1st timers in Xian an unforgettable impression of the ancient city.

Old stone monuments with historical values were on every other block, and only seem unnoticed by the locals. There were kids and adults, playing snowball fights on the side streets. There were 2 Starbucks in the city too, an evidence of how progressive Xian has become in the past years.


Overall, Xi’an to me was just impressive, and one city in China Id probably consider living in. I was just so engrossed with my sentiments of the city as I realized I’ve been walking now for a few good km and it was getting dark, So I headed back and stopped for a cup of Starbucks coffee on my way to the hostel.

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The view of the City with the Bell…
The view of the City with the Bel…
The traditional Chinese street mar…
The traditional Chinese street ma…
Snowball fights can be so much fun…
Snowball fights can be so much fu…
One of the walls of the city
One of the walls of the city
Me and the Bell tower
Me and the Bell tower
photo by: Deats