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Steph reading up on temple information

Today was earmarked for taking it easy after having got up in the middle of the night to go and see the sunrise. We rolled out of bed just in time to be able to call our food breakfast and not lunch and were served the worst coffee we've ever drunk by our guesthouse. A stroll into town and a bit of internet use later we managed to squeeze a proper lunch in at our favourite local place but were let down by our menu choices a bit. We still love you Khmer Kitchen. We headed back to our hotel for a swim and a coconut shake for Adam and Banana one for Steph (sans milk of course). A swim and relax later we had almost forgotten we'd arranged for Jackie Chan our tuk tuk driver to pick us up to watch the sunset over the temples. We went to see a couple other bits first, starting with the Leper King terrace which has an inner and outer walls with the inner wall having some of the best carvings yet as they were only excavated fairly recently.

Well preserved Carvings and Naga on the Leper King terrace inner wall
The Terrace of the Elephants which is kind of as the name suggests a terrace with elephants carved along the front of it. They were both excellent and we headed off to the Phnom Bakheng which is the sunset spot with a quick stop back at the Bayon for a photo in the fantastic afternoon light. Jacki nearly killed us, almost flipping the tuk tuk as he drove off the road, but the photo was well worth it.

Phnom Bakheng was already crowded at 4.30 when we arrived and a long and sweaty climb up the hill over some very dodgy terrain finally led us to the temple at the top. There were obviously limited prime seated spots and we were lucky enough to get great spots. As the place filled up more and more pushing and encroaching on staked out positions was going on and some of the elder tour groups were getting very tetchy.

Er! Sun setting at Preah Bakheng
The saddest part of all was three seperate groups of Australian lads who thought it would be cool to climb onto the towers that everyone was waiting for the sun to set behind. Luckily there was a feisty German magazine photographer who gave them enough verbal to persuade them down to the cheers and jeers of the masses. They were a total embarrassment to themselves but were mostly too dumb to realise. One even got quite indignant about being told to get down but in the face of several thousand people he didn't have the guts to stick it out. The sunset was lovely but we don't think it beats a beach sunset and the temples and Angkor Wat in particular are facing the other way so if you had to make a choice between sunrise and sunset definately go with the sunrise.

By the time we got back we just about had time for a shower and a beer in our room while we were getting ready before it was time for dinner. We went back to the Soup Dragon and our dishes, whilst delicious, came one at a time about 20 minutes apart. That's no way to enjoy a meal which was a bit of a shame to end the day on.

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Steph reading up on temple informa…
Steph reading up on temple inform…
Well preserved Carvings and Naga o…
Well preserved Carvings and Naga …
Er! Sun setting at Preah Bakheng
Er! Sun setting at Preah Bakheng
Adam on guard with the Elephant Te…
Adam on guard with the Elephant T…
Elephant carving on the Elephant t…
Elephant carving on the Elephant …
Sunset over the temples
Sunset over the temples
Adam on temple at sunset
Adam on temple at sunset
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