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After all the rough day, we finally had had a lift to the border. As we walked toward the hungarian side of the border before entering No Man's Land, crossing under the lowering sun toward the Serbian border. It was a time of excitment, the excitment you get of discovering something new... moving toward new unknown land.

We passed the Serbian border quickly and here we were, in Serbia, in Vojvodina, this tiny northern province of Serbia. This brought positiveness and hope to be in Backo Gradiste by the evening as hitching went great so far in the past hour so it was like if we were on our throw.

Although, the weather was still extremely warm... we tried to find a shade corner and waited but hitching took a little while. Finally we did get a short lift to the next crossroad. According to the map we could go to Backo through the backcountry road. As our current lift was going to bring us a bit along that road we decided to take it and quickly ended up at a crossroad in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully and despite the fact that the traffic was very low, we got a lift very quickly.

We got a lift from an old hungarian descent Serbian man, whom it was very difficult to communicate with but in german. But the man was so happy to have been helping us that he brought us into the village he was going, first to the bank so that we could get some local money then to the baker, as we didn't have any snack with us (in case we weren't going to reach anywhere tonight). Finally he brought us to his place to introduce us to his family, that was such a great encounter and just as we crossed into Serbia. I think the country is going to be very wonderful to visit if it is like that. I think that in some ways he was ready to invite us to stay in case we were being stuck, but we couldn't really communicate that. He did offer us some food too but that was hard to explain especially specifying that we are vegetarian.

We did have some home brewed schnapps, which he was kind to show us.
Finally as dusk was coming quick we managed to be brought back at the edge of this village right under a light pole so that we could continue our trip. The sunlight went down but we were all confident. After all we had had a great time so far, felt good and were not worried.
Finally we did get another lift to a further village and then it wen't a bit without stop a few lift over lift as darkness was falling, all old cars, people without too many resources but all ready to offer a hand.
It was dark when we got our last lift to last town before Backo Gradiste and hopefully we were under a light pole. It was so calm and quiet but not in a creepy way. I just felt like those extremely warm summer night back in Canada. Where you hear nature and just feel like sit and watch the sky.

We waited a bit and warned Kristijan through sms about how everything went... finally we got a car of young people pulling by and as they weren't really from the place they had no idea of where we were going but it was on the way so they took us along even if the car was crowded. It only took some time more and we were dropped in the middle of the tiny village of Backo Gradiste.
We found the street and the house of Kristijan but it looked like there was no one, it was dark and only a dog was barking. So we tried to knock and finally just waited in front of the door. It was all appearing pretty odd at first.

It finally took long before we got an answer, Kristijan had completely fell asleep and was sleeping like a stone so he came to open us the door and we talked a little, about the journey and the adventure, and how great it was. Before we finally head to sleep.


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