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Norfolk Steam trains
March 12

I had to cross the whole London to get to Liverpool Street station, that is a damn everytime and I needed some snack which I didn't manage to grab as I jumped on the train just as it was getting ready to depart. Bloody crowded tube!

The ticket for all the way to Sheringham was quite expensive, which is a frustration. More than 50pounds went on that, out of my pocket.
So I had a quick transfer in Norwich which I tried to look if there was anything I could grab to bite but nothing was around the station. And it was already getting dark, so nonetheless to say that I arrived in Sheringham quite late but immediately when I stepped out the Diesel train on this tiny one perron station I could feel the quietness and sea side air. I like that, I guess coming from the countryside myself it was a nice break of the London life.
Coastal Erosion of the high dune
Especially as it was now the first time I left London this year.

I walked in the dead and lightly lighten street of the city and found the Youth Hostel where I would be staying the next 2 nights. It was dark and obviously it was closed. So it seems I was to be the only one staying in it and that they were waiting just for me to arrive. One of the London manager also arrived and I used the opportunity to have a walk in the town as he wanted to get out to have a drink and I wanted some food. Though the food bit did not happened, I had a few drinks instead. Which I was hurted enough in paying a round.
I got a sms from Roberto that he missed his train and he wouldn't be here definitely tonight... afterall London is about 3 hours away.
Only later I would learn that it is that he would not continue with the job and was quite not happy with the working conditions as showed during the training.
Sheringham Common and a rural bus stop

So back at the hostel, I walked around to discover it and well there wasn't much else to do than going to sleep and reading a bit beforehand.
March 13

So this morning was an early wake up as matter to get to the kitchen for the breakfast, it was opened just for the few people coming for the training but the choice of food was great, especially the loads of muffins there was.

I served myself with everything vegetarian and had too much but I tried to put some aside for my evening meal so that I would not have to buy one. I also could see some of the other people, which most of them were workers of this very hostel.
We had the training, which was about First Aid and all the such. It was good, a bit different than the one I received as a Seaman but always worthwhile to get.
Cromer's Pier
We had dinner at the hostel again and the training finished quite early, so as everyone just left I took the opportunity to go out and visit Sheringham for a moment before it got dark.

The town is a pretty surprising discovery, the building materials and shape of the building all remind of the sea. So I pretty much like it, it was a mixture of grey sea rock and red bricks. I also walked along the main road and it took me a while before entering into the town where I bought some food for my dinner meal finally. Here I can definitely feel the rural life, there is no big shop. Only some sort of convenient store and some chippy stand and pubs, none being overcrowded or busy. Of course it is winter too, in a northern sea resort.
I met one of the guy of the hostel on my way and we talked a bit while walking and stopped by a liquor store.
View of Cromer from the Pier
The funny this is that it really looked liked a license liquor store we find in other country and they had different beers from elsewhere at good price. I was amazed by that and bought a Kriek!
We walked back to the hostel and he was going into the employees compound, we thought about meeting again later while I would go to have dinner and relax. He told me come back later and left the door open, although when I did so he was not there and I bumped into other employees that I hadn't seen before, so they were a bit confused and wondering who the fuck I was.
I just went back into the hostel (which was closed and I was the only one in it, as I asked to stay one night more as matter to visit around since I was here. And also as part of my employee benefit my stay was free.
Me being wind up on Cromer's Pier

I simply stayed in reading my book and watching tv, but especially having a look at the big topographic map of the Norfolk coast setting plans about what I would like to visit tomorrow and what is feasible to catch another train down to London later.

March 14

I woke up slowly but still in early morning and had a shower. I used the food I took from the previous breakfast to eat and packed my bag with the pringles and stuff I bought in the market.

Then I went for a quick walk into town to see the sea on daylight and walk on top of the dune. It was a nice walk and the dune is indeed extremely  high. It is also eroding pretty quick and you could notice it when you stood by the edge of it. What I found different was that when you are standing on the dune, the landscape goes down inland, so those dunes are like a tiny hill protecting a lower inland.
Hotel de Paris SeaFront - Cromer

I went to get my backpack back and back onto the road towards the next town, I walked a bit until I found a pretty good spot to hitch and it went quite quick before a car stopped. I like hitching in the countryside, people are more relaxed and easy going. The person was going all the way until the next major town, that suited me. He was a painter doing traditionnal shop windows and insigna. On the way, I got to know a bit of the story of that next town Cromer.
One there I walked around the main building, the Hotel de Paris and then down to Pier, it was windy but I stayed to enjoy the salty air and read about the plate stating the sea rescue done or attempted in history at large from these coast.

The day went quick as I decided it was time to move, I walked around and made my way to the train station. I didn't have to wait too long for the next train and then humped in toward Norwich for the rest of the day.

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Norfolk Steam trains
Norfolk Steam trains
Coastal Erosion of the high dune
Coastal Erosion of the high dune
Sheringham Common and a rural bus …
Sheringham Common and a rural bus…
Cromers Pier
Cromer's Pier
View of Cromer from the Pier
View of Cromer from the Pier
Me being wind up on Cromers Pier
Me being wind up on Cromer's Pier
Hotel de Paris SeaFront - Cromer
Hotel de Paris SeaFront - Cromer
Northern Norfolk countryside from …
Northern Norfolk countryside from…
Flinstone architecture in Sheringh…
Flinstone architecture in Shering…
One main crossroad building in She…
One main crossroad building in Sh…
Flintstone building materials
Flintstone building materials
Tiny side street in Sheringham
Tiny side street in Sheringham
Chippy store on a main Sheringham …
Chippy store on a main Sheringham…
Corner Kebab in Sheringham downtown
Corner Kebab in Sheringham downtown
Seaside concrete painting in Sheri…
Seaside concrete painting in Sher…
Overview of Sheringham from the to…
Overview of Sheringham from the t…
Down view to the beach from the to…
Down view to the beach from the t…
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