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After some tergiversation, I just jumped on a tram and guessed my way. I was looking for Internet, which I found at McDonald and wrote to Megan. From there I thought the next door train station was the right one but it proved me wrong and I headed back to the right one took a ticket and waited the lengthy time before the departure toward Kecskemet. I was still feeling sick but of course when you are in such situation you need all your energy and so did I manage.


That train ride was getting on my nerve, I had nowhere to sit and they wanted me to pay. I was in no mood to neither argue nor be polite; I stayed between wagons until I arrived more than an hour later. Megan was there, waiting for me at the station. That was a lovely sight.


I was looking forward to drop my bag, relax and relieve from the sickness pressure accumulated during the journey, so a bed and a shower was well looked upon. We walked through Kecskemet toward the school/studio she was staying at. It was great that there was no stress or odd sight and we immediately got pretty well together … well with only a minimum level of shyness.


We immediately got into her room and talked together for some more time before falling in each other’s arms for some times in bed. I did end up taking a shower, having some medications and falling asleep for most of the afternoon though. But when I woke up later nearing dusk, I had sweat most of my fever away and was feeling better. We went to have some food and socialise with the other occupant of the place, watched a presentation by a resident artist and talked the evening away. We did take the chance to have a long walk by night in the city. Which was nice but I found the city bearing a lot of similarity with any German architecture. It still was a lovely town.

On our last day we made our way to the train station on a beautiful and so hot sunny day but stopped in the main square to relax and have some food before that. Right after we headed to Budapest.

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