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So my waiting time in Detroit was of about 4-5 hours, I couldn’t do anything else than look forward to be home and Detroit isn’t the most pleasant airport. Although I still could some of the time to visit around and was especially amazed by the fact that there was a tiny metro train indoor the airport to make you go from one extremity to another quickly. The airport is big yet, unflattering.


When I went to sit at my gate and not long after, I was annoyed that my place wasn’t there and there was no information whatsoever. But it didn’t last long before an announcement came over saying that our flight to Montreal was cancelled. What the fuck!! Not again!! Two flights cancelled in less than a week. I had to rush to the counter to get something done but of course that was the reaction of everyone, they said to please sit down that they would call everyone to sort the situation out and also send people to local hotel. So the first thing we got is anyway some meal vouchers but I had to rush to the phone to call home and sort that out (déjà vu). My father was already on his way to Montreal Airport to pick me, so I told my mother to tell him to not go as my flight was cancelled and would try to get more information but I was in such despair that my mood was just on the fling.


I went back to the counter to tell that I absolutely needed some arrangement, after all I had all my appointments due for the next morning and had such a short time back home to sort all that before even heading to Toronto and further to Ethiopia.

First I asked to be switched to the flight to Quebec City and then just to wait, finally they made several call on passengers (mainly the international passengers are being accommodated first… hopefully I was one). And later on I got my ticket for another flight to Montreal leaving later tonight. It was currently about 5-6am… my next flight would be around 10pm. I wouldn’t be in Montreal before midnight-ish and home around 3am. So fucking annoying (and I had been waiting about 5hours already at that airport).


So I called my mother back to tell her the news (and so that she could let my father know). Then I just had to try to get a lunch with my tiny 8$ voucher, that was not an easy task.


Hopefully, my next flight did take off and 2h later I was landing at Montreal Dorval Airport finally.

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photo by: vulindlela