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June 10

Once I was ready I left Hounslow Alain’s house walking toward the highway, which was at a further distance than I expected. Still, I managed to reach the corner just off the M25 London Ring and the M3 leading into Dorset. I started to hitch from there despite the fact that the spot wasn’t the best. Of course, while doing so you do get some odd look from the passer-by but I remained confident and it ended up being fructuous, a car stopped and that driver was going all the way directly into Somerset. So I would have a lift to where the train station is.


The ride was quite good; I learned a lot as the driver transformed his car into bio diesel. I was pretty interested as it would be a great thing to do with my own car, though I will need more information. This ride also enabled me to get a great look of Stonehenge again and of the whole Salisbury Plain. This area is so large, it is an amazing sight.


From Sheringham, I got a short ride out of the town toward Sturminster but got stuck at a major crossroad. Dumbly nobody picked me, so after a while John drove the only few miles left to pick me up. We talked most of the evening, having a nice meal and a drink before getting some sleep.

June 11 - 12 - 13


I spent some relaxing days in Sturminster at John’s place also helping him with some work on the house or driving around as he needed to meet some people for a commemorative concert he was organising for the death of a local musician.


We also spent a night at the local pub with some of his friends, which is one pretty memorable cultural element. Being with some older Brits at a typical country pub listening to their sarcastic way of enjoying drinks and social talk. I enjoyed it a lot, especially since my months living here learned me a lot on this, so I can handle it pretty well too.

The days went quiet in his country house, I worked a bit on my CV and sending the requested letter to CUI for my job application and having help from John regarding that. Seems for sure that my English (written especially) needs some better tuning.


On my last day at John, I had to get up really early and leave to spend time at Dave and collect my stuff before getting down to Poole to catch my megatrain to London. John brought me to the surrounding of Blandford at the big roundabout that I hitched from before. It didn’t take long and I was at Dave’s quite early so I would be able to spend some hours there and started packing what I could in my bag. We had dinner and I also helped Dave with his cleaning too, as he was now cleaning up all the stuff from his parents in the house ceiling and in other rooms to sell them and eventually do renovation of the house. By early afternoon, Dave drove me down to Poole Station and I was happy to not be late and not miss and void my ticket. So I waited and relaxed at the station then on the train (which I was carrying my bicycle too as matter to sell it in London) and about more than an hour later I was arriving at London Waterloo station (my first arrival by train in London ever!!)


I tried to get in touch with Alain (whom I would stay at) and to Patrick (whom would take my bicycle over). But I finally had to wait as it was the Naked Bicycle Ride day today in London and he was doing it. So I sat down near Charing Cross Station and waited until Alain came over (so that helped me to manage to get to buy a subway sandwich) and then I had to cross the town to Hyde Park Corner to meet with Patrick. That was a bit hard and a long walk with all the bags I had and the bicycle. I managed however.

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photo by: maplefanta