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July 13

I arrived at Toronto Airport by the evening, and simply had to find my way down to the Hotel, the Ramada on Jarvis street. So I took the cheapest option and bought a coach ticket (return) to the city centre.
That bus was definitely one of the best I had been on in years, leather seat, air conditionning and even wireless Internet (it seems). But the ride is never long enough to test it.

I got dropped and indicated the way by the bus driver and then walk toward Jarvis Street to find my hotel just off a Harveys (hmm that has been a long time ago). I checked in and walked into my room on the third floor. My first impression was definitely one of amazement, I made myself at home taking the thing out of my bag into the closet. There is a nice bathroom, and TV and even a fridge.

I tried to get to the Internet and then had to ask the help of the reception to do so. So I could manage to talk with Megan as I was sitting in my posh hotel room. I wish she was here with me actually, or that we could afford such luxury one day together.
I took a break from the net to go to Harveys and get a veggie burger. Although I could not finish it all, it was nice to have after all that balkan food. I also had a glimpse of the services offered by the hotel, the tiny swimming pool and squash court. And especially spotted where I need to be on the morning.

July 14-15-16-17-18

I nearly overslept on my first training day, I rush downstairs and went immediately to the place but I wasn’t the only one that had not arrived. So I signed on the registration sheet and took place in the training room. While preparing different documents and having some drinks (didn’t have time to breakfast).


So finally when everyone has arrived we started the presentation and all topic for the training.


The training was about Intercultural differences and offered by the Federal Government as condition to go work abroad. And all expenses at this posh hotel were paid too!

The training went well, it last 3 days in which I mainly spent with the group for dinner and for further discussions.


On my first evening, I just went to get some food at a convenient store (I couldn’t find a single supermarket in that city!) and stayed inside my room to chat with Megan, that was great. On my second evening, I went to walk overnight near the CN tower and the stadium and the main core city, I basically walked to and back from the hotel. So I was discovering a bit more of the city as I wasn’t spending long and then of course, chatting late before getting some sleep. On our last day, the training didn’t last for the whole day so we got some daylight time to do something else and I used that to join someone from the group to go to Kensington market to eat at a Chinese restaurant and then on my way back did more photo shoots of the city. I also went down Jarvis Street to shop for clothes and found some interesting ones. Back at the hotel, I watched a bit of TV and chat before heading down to the swimming pool for a good hour.


On Thursday, we had to go to CUI office. So we did that altogether by the tram and spent the day there finalising our employment paperwork and having presentation about our relative working country. One thing that I wasn’t happy with was that they took us insurance while I could have managed to find cheaper myself (all expenses for the job are taken off our allowance… so if it is not spent, I receive it as salary).

I walked over the city again on my way back and relaxed some more at the swimming pool once at the hotel. I made it late that night but made sure everything was packed as I needed to go to the airport the following morning.


I had to rushed out of the hotel as I didn’t fully took into account the time the bus took to go to the airport and I absolutely mustn’t miss the next one, which pick-up spot is a bit of a walk. Hopefully I made it on time and without hassle, especially since my flight got delayed (I’m so unlucky with those recently). So I took this time to finalise my enrolment to Air Canada Airmiles program.


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photo by: yasuyo