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We waked up early at Georgij's place to be at the airport on time for Megan's flight that was departing at around 12. So we needed to be there early and reach the airport by train with all the baggage she had (art stuff and huge crate) ... and still had to go get those luggage in Kecskemet which was a distance away.

So we munched on a piece of bread and got ready as it was just early a bit after dawn to the tram down the road to reach the train station that would bring us to Kecskemet about an hour and a half away got to her studio place and took a taxi back to the train station to rush back to Budapest airport.

We finally made it to the perron of the train station by the airport, now we had to cross over the track to get a bus for the right terminal, we managed to climb the stairs with the heavy stuff and go down with the elevator. I went to get a trolley for the remaining distance to the bus and finally we made it nearly close to 11h which was right on time and she checked in at MALEV.

Finally she was going to leave and the stressful situation we were going through about were we going to make it on time was all resolved.
We had some food at the terminal 2 food court. Which seemed quite good and at decent price for an airport. Time flew quick as she finally made her way to the gate... saying goodbye and up till the next time as we wouldn't be seeing for quite a while obviously.
And not really knowing what would happen either, it was a relief in some ways as we had had a very stressful time being unsure of which we would have problem to leave and be here on time. For her to get back to the US and me to be back in Canada for my job obligations.
What would have happened otherwise! But we also had a very emotional time not knowing when we would meet again as I would be going to Ethiopia soon... and also not knowing what would be happening between us.

Now I would just have to wait till my flight leave to London later at the end of the day. So that I would have a good two days in London to pack my things to bring everything back to Canada and also decide what I do with my british account and just meeting with friends.

... But at least that's what I had expected.

I spend the afternoon just laying down in corners of the airport. I was departing from Terminal 1 so eventually I went there.
Hours went by, and finally I checked in at Wizzair counter, which was suppose to depart to London Luton before 6pm.
I even pass the customs and went to wait at the gate ... as my departure time arrived quickly finally about 10 minutes before it, it showed delayed of 40 minutes. Meh. :/
It went more than 1h more before a representative of the company showed up and proceeded with embarkment as we stepped outside on the tarmac. The plane landed and the passengers walked off... we waited. waited, stepped on the bus that were to bring us to the plane and waited (obviously locking us in the bus was more a way for the employees to shut us off from the complaining and questioning mood we were getting into). There was some darker clouds making their way above the airport, so we were all a bit in a rush to get into it so that we could leave before that hit.
When the buses started to move they did a wonderful loop across the airport to bring us at arrival. Everyone dumbfounded receiving no indications on what to do nor on where to go. Shortly after we were back in the main terminal as the rain fell.

Waaah the stress, there was no information given, it took a while before we saw the board stating that our flight was delayed until 11pm.
To make a long and stressfully growing story short... time went by and I tried to kill it, the delayed time went later and later up until after midnight and 2am. We finally had to force the employees to give us our meal vouchers rights (I had been up since very early in the morning and hadn't been eating a lot while on the road throughout the balkans on the previous weeks either!)

Finally, after 11pm... as all the airport employees and Wizzair employees finished their working shift the decision came down: Flight Cancelled.
The company now had the great time of the game, the Wizzair counter and employees was shut and all employees had gone. We were left struggling to get our bags back and then we had to decide what we were going to do. I had a flight with NWA leaving London two days from now!
Waaaahhh, that was such a hyper stressful time of my life. Kind of despair.
I did several phone calls, to Canada, to London, tried to obtain information with Wizzair, called Malev... finally I booked on the earliest flight with Malev leaving at about 7am.
Some stranded passengers around did gather around me as to try to use my way to get the hell out of Budapest so we ended up being a few passengers that were to spend the night at the airport and finally leave to London Gatwick several hours for now.

That damn situation was to cost me a lot, moneywise, timewise and comfortwise.
By the very early morning, I queued at the Malev counter back at Terminal 2, paid for my ticket and finally check-in to leave. I received 4 hungarian stamps in my passport and this within 3 days.
With the few fellow wizzair stranded passenger we flew across and finally was in Gatwick, I talked with a few of them and exchange address to keep in touch in case we wanted to exchange information regarding how Wizzair treated us and how we could get our money back.

My last day in continental Europe wasn't the best I would have expected.

Obviously I will never fly Wizzair ever ever again.
I think I pretty much get my opinion about low cost airlines now... paying the hard price for it

Stigen says:
I know wizzair sucks , had some of the same myself..
Posted on: Sep 17, 2009
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