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I am starting to understand how foreigners come to Africa and never go home. Life is so slow and easy here. No one seems to be in a rush (except the crazy bus drivers) and everyone seems happy. The funny thing that I have noticed about Kenyans is they are always talking with one another. For example there is 3 taxi drivers downstairs (Peter my friend is one of them) and they sit on rocks all day waiting for business. Every time I see them they are laughing and joking and having the best time. I asked Peter what they talk about all day and all night and he tells me they share stories and that there is always something to talk about. In Australia, and I would imagine many other western countires in the world, we are so consumed in our own life we dont even smile or acknowledge on another on the street. I can recall times when I find myself looking in the other direction when I see someone I know because I cant be bothered talking to them. Yet the other day when Peter and I were at the snake park he struck up conversation with so many people (in swahili) and I said to him "do you know those people?" and he answers "no" and he can see the puzzled look on my face so he honestly states "everyone is my brother and sister, even you. god made us all the same...all equal, so why wouldnt I talk to them?" I just thought that was one of the most beautiful mottos I had ever heard. It reminds me of a beach boy from Mombasa named Lorenzo who kept saying "One Love" over and over again. It took me some time to put my spin on what he was trying to say. And I think he is suggesting what Peter is - that god made us all from the same love of humans or mankind. From his love we were all created, not in classes or races but as a species.

"One Love" is universal and it reflects beautifully what Peter was saying - that we are all brothers and sisters. Its an amazing theory and I am so glad that they have shared this with me. It reminds me of a song that Ben Lee wrote "We are all in this together." If everyone in the world thought like this, I believe the world would be a wonderful place.

Ah finally the powers of Kenya have singed an agreement so now peace and stability can return to the country. This is great news for Kenyans.

PS Mum I'm not on drugs I have just been forced out of my comfort zone which has opened my heart and mind :) and Robbie dont worry I will still be coming home in May xx

terrymum says:
Dear abbey
Mum and helen are up here in Qld with me to celebrate my 40th we had a lovely time didn't do much today ...sad heads....
Have fun and cheers to you it sounds amazing. Aunty Hel is veryproud of you suck suck no really she Veronica
Posted on: Mar 09, 2008
rquinlan says:
Abbey, you are truly amazing you know that! I was thinking that exact same thing when i was in Japan that western society can be so self involved in comparison to other countries, for such a "laid back" culture we don't seem to live up to our image.

Still as jealous as all hell that your there!!!
Posted on: Mar 08, 2008
terrymum says: beatiful have always had a way with words....keep on writing from the heart

love always mum
Posted on: Mar 05, 2008
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