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As the plane touches down in Mombasa, Kenya... it truely is like coming home. The wind is warm on your face and the surrounding palm trees put you in an instant chilled out mood. After collecting our bags we exit the airport to find about 100 locals all waiting for our business. We go up to a dude with a "taxi" sign and ask him how much to our hotel and negotiate a reasonable price wth him. So the lad leads us to the biggest piece of shit car i have ever seen in my life and starts putting our bags in the boot. I start laughing and say to the driver "does this thing go?" and he laughs and tells me it is reliable and safe so we jump in. Seriously, I have seen better paddock bashers than this bits and pieces car. The trip from the airport was overwhelming. It was the first time in our lives that we had been exposed to thousands of black people in the one location. That may sound terrible but it was something we had never experienced. The city of Mombasa was so busy with cars honking and people jumping in and out of buses at traffic lights or the side of the road. Due to the presedential election troubles in Kenya there have been very few tourists lately so everyone was second looking us white people in this bomb of a car as if they couldnt believe their eyes. It was a very intimidating but exhilerating experience.

After checking into our room at Kenya Bay beach hotel in Bamburi we walked down to the beach. What an experience.... apart from the fact that the sand was so suprisingly soft and pure and the water was so clear and warm, we were mobbed by "beach boys" who spend all day every day down the beach trying to sell something or another. It was fun though joking around with them they were all happy to see us in their country and were very welcoming.

Our hotel is in an ideal location because the Bamburi beach is beautiful and lined with little stores and markets as well as restaurants and good night spots. We ate from 2 of the restaurants on either side of our hotel and the food was to die for and cheap.

So one of the beach boys hooked us up with "Jay Jay" who was trying to sell us some tours and had in his possesion one key tool that no one else had - a folder with pictures in it. So we arranged to do a Mombasa city tour and local villiage/school visit the following day.

On our first night in Mombasa we sat outside the restaurant as it was a warm night drinking and having a really great time.

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photo by: easyjobrob