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G'day there friends and fellow travellers! Let me introduce myself to those who dont know me. My name is Abbey and I am a 23 year old Australian girl. For the past 12 months I have planning my trip to Africa. Why Africa? Good question. One that is hard to answer other than with complete honesty - something just keeps drawing me to this continent. Im not one of those people who think that they will find themselves through travel, because I am very self aware - I know my strengths and flaws. I have a great boyfriend, great family, great friends and a great job. I am not running from anything. I am also not one of those people who think they can save the world by volunteering for a couple of weeks or months. I am just genuinely interested in Africa and am busting at the seems to get over there. Do I think I can make a difference to the lives of these people less fortunate than I? No, definately not... but I do think that as another human being walking the same planet as them, it is my duty to acknowledge the fact that in 2008 there are still people living in poverty throughout the entire world. And I feel that actually going to Africa and seeing things through my own eyes, creating my own memories and making my own judgements is me "doing my bit." I believe that my hard earnt money is better off being put directly into the hands of the local folk by purchasing food and paying for accommodation etc to grow the economy rather than chewed up in administration costs to charities. Go there, see it, feel it, then come home and make people aware of it. But hey, thats just my opinion.
Anyway so I am 11 days away from taking off! I booked my flights through Joan at Moonee Ponds Flight Centre who has given nothing but first class service the day one. I will be flying with Mauritius Airline from Melbourne to Mauritius, stopping over for a few days, then onto Nairobi (Kenya). I have pretty much planned out the entire trip give or take a few weeks so I wont go into too much detail now.
The problem I have now is what to pack! Everything else is sorted but everytime I think of what I am actually going to put into my backpack in terms of clothes, my brain just shuts down. Minor details though... I am sure I will get it sorted! As everyone keeps telling me - what you dont have you can just buy!
Anyway stay tuned and share my wonderful experiences with me....
Jaqson says:
You have the strength and courage. Kenya is waiting for you. Happy travels!
Posted on: Feb 15, 2008
annthansten says:
can't wait to read your blog as you go along, sounds like quite an adventure you've got planned for yourself there!
Posted on: Feb 14, 2008
sassylassie22 says:
Sounds like an amazing adventure! I can't wait to read your blog along the way. Have a great time and stay safe! :)
Posted on: Feb 10, 2008
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