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Kleen and I at Mist on NYE!
Michelle, Kleen, Erin and I have a group breakfast before we split up for the day. Michelle and Erin go hit M&M World.  Kleen and I go to the Excalibur to learn how to play Craps at the Free Craps lessons that the Excalibur hosts!  It was very informative.  I didn't use the information on this trip but Atlantic City is nearby to go try!

After the lessons, Kleen and I decide to go pick up our tickets to Mist's NYE party.  We decide to take the Monorail from the MGM to Harrah's and then cross the street to Treasure Island.  We ended up buying a 24hour pass for $9.  It was an awesome deal.  We get our tickets and then head to the Sephora near the Venetian and end up buying a bunch of makeup!  Then we went shopping in Caesar's palace.
One of the bartenders at Dick's last Resort!
  We ended up taking the monorail back to our hotel and get ready for dinner. 

Michelle, Erin, Kleen and I had reservations at the House of Blues which was located in Mandelay Bay (which we can see from our hotel window).  When we arrive at our reservation time, the hostess tells us that there is a set menu for $70.  Michelle is like "what?  since when?  You called to confirm the reservation a month ago and didn't mention the set menu and price.  Also It's not on your website!"  Anyway, we decided that we try one of the other restaurants in that hotel.  Actually, as we are trying to decide what to do, multiple other people who had made reservations had arrived and found out about the set menu and price and were surprised as well.
the gang at Dick's last resort!
  We ended up eating a really good restaurant that had the best martini's and a bucket of beer!  

We separated for a few hours.  Kleen and I went to Mist in Treasure Island. Michelle and Erin went to Dick's Last Resort in Excalibur.  Kleen and I took the monorail to Harrah's and walked on the strip to TI.  The strip at this point of the night is not packed yet.  We get to Mist, have a couple of drinks, then decide we should meet the other 2 at Dick's and start heading out.  We end up having an adventure in trying to get into harrah's because they closed the entrance to non-hotel guests.  We ended up having to walk through their parking lot to get to the monorail!  lol...there are plenty of adventures this night.  we take the monorail back to mgm and then have to make it across the strip to luxor.  the police have closed off ALL the ramps over the street.  you HAVE to walk around the pillars to get to the other side.  To say the least it's right before midnight and we get stuck in the mob of people pushing to see the countdown to midnight and see the fireworks outside of the hotels.  Our goal of getting to our friends before midnight was shot! :(  Anyway, we made it to Dick's in one piece and without being squashed to death!  The fireworks were cool to see since each hotel had their own.

We made it to Dick's last resort and danced with michelle and erin.  Actually some pretty funny pictures came out of Erin's camara.  I have pictures at the point that michelle lost her camara.  We think that someone took it out of her purse while we were at dick's or she left it in the bathroom and someone just took it instead of turning it in.  She was pretty upset since there were criss angel store pictures on there plus the fact that it's creepy for someone to be looking at our pictures! 

Because of all that walking, I had HUGE HUGE blisters on my feet!!!

Little did we realize that the night was not over!  Erin and I were watching tv and talking when kleen and michelle knock on the door to say that the fire alarms are going off in the Luxor.  Around the Pyramid on the different levels you could see everyone standing around trying to figure out what was happening on the floors below.   As we are standing out there, a security guard runs past us all out of breath.  Basically, there was someone who was pulling fire alarms off and they were trying to catch them.  Since there was no fire and no need to evacuate we went back to sleep.  Big mistake!!!!  Our floor alarm goes off probably a couple hours later!  Damn that thing is LOUD!  SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! eventually stopped and I hope they caught the people pulling the alarms!!
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Kleen and I at Mist on NYE!
Kleen and I at Mist on NYE!
One of the bartenders at Dicks la…
One of the bartenders at Dick's l…
the gang at Dicks last resort!
the gang at Dick's last resort!
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