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Michelle, Kleen and me on the plane!
My parents drop me off at the Philadelphia airport where I meet Michelle and Kathleen (aka Kleen).    This is Michelle's first plane flight.  This is Kathleen's second trip.  To say the least, I'm the most comfortable about getting on a plane.  We get in line to check in and let michelle checkin for the group.  I had to document this momentous occasion and took a pictures of her checking in, waiting in line to get onto the plane, walking onto the plane and actually sitting on the plane waiting to takeoff.  I actually got a picture of her reaction of takeoff.  Once we were in the air she did well and actually enjoyed flying.  I think we have created a monster since she's already planning trips that require planes now ;)  Anyway, we have a bunch of pictures on the plane and had a blast.
Michelle and Kleen before takeoff!
  I think we were probably pretty loud since the guy in front of us asked us what we were planning to do in vegas when he got up to go to the bathroom. 

Once in Vegas we made it to our hotel The Luxor which I now notice that I don't even have one picture of the exterior of the building!  I'll have to borrow one of Erin's pictures!  We ended up meeting up with Erin who had arrived a few hours before from NYC.  She had scouted out the Criss Angel store, starbucks, where we could buy beer, and the 24hr convenient junk food store by the time we got there.

We decided we would have dinner at La Salsa Cantina that was located in our hotel. How to get to the level that the restaurant was on was an adventure of it's own.
The Yard Margarita's!!
  Also, getting to out hotel room was an adventure since certain elevators go to specific floors.  We had Yard Margaritas which was the best part of the meal!  We had a blast at dinner and since michelle's camera was stolen later on in the trip most of the pics at the restaurant are lost :(  I do have a few pics of kleen and erin back in the hotel room after dinner and before we went on to the bar hopping!  by the way, I was the first to finish the Yard! :)

The first bar we went to was in the Luxor in the middle of the casino called Liquidity.  We sat at one of the tables for a bit and then switched to the bar.  Kleen and I decided we would try NY NY for the 9 Fine Irishmen bar.  It was pretty cool to hear an irish band.
The Note!
  They were awesome.  Actually, the female fiddler was fantastic!  She totally made the band!  Actually, there was this elderly asian lady dancing and SINGING the words to the celtic songs!!  I was like "omg, she KNOWS THE WORDS???" was definitely interesting! On the way back to the Luxor, we had to go through the Excaliber.  We were passing a bar that had entertainers who would sing whatever the audience requested.  I totally forget the name of the bar and I can't find it on the Excalibur website:(  Anyway, its right near the Roundtable Buffet and has motorcycles in front.  Anyway, they kept playing good songs and we decide to go sit at the bar and get a drink.  After we sit down, the bartender cards us (haha.
kleen, Erin and me before going out!'s awesome since i'm 28 and kleen is 31) and is SHOCKED that we are that old! Anyway, she asks what we want to drink and at this point I can't drink anymore alcohol and get water.  kleen orders beer and then as she goes to pay the bartender tells us that it's taken care of....haha...we got free drinks!  Anyway, a few moments later we get a note from the guys that bought us "free" drinks.  One was brazilian and the other spanish and basically ask if we could hang out.   The guys leave before we could and answer.   We are exhausted at this point since of the time change and decide we should go back to the hotel room.  We did pretty well since it was 1am vegas time (thus 4am philly time)!
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Michelle, Kleen and me on the plan…
Michelle, Kleen and me on the pla…
Michelle and Kleen before takeoff!
Michelle and Kleen before takeoff!
The Yard Margaritas!!
The Yard Margarita's!!
The Note!
The Note!
kleen, Erin and me before going ou…
kleen, Erin and me before going o…
Kleen and Erin doing the superman…
Kleen and Erin doing the "superma…
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