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The Radisson SAS Hotel Altstatd's lobby, from the third floor!

Our last day in Salzburg was spent packing, doing a bit more shopping, doing a bit more eating and enjoying a horse and carriage ride!

I was really sad to be leaving Salzburg, and hope to be back soon, perhaps in a summer with Mark? I took my top back to Schops and changed it, but got side tracked into H&M and came away with a jumper, a jacket and two tops, which made packing all the more difficult! I had to put everything breakable into my backpack and slightly sturdier but still fragile things down with the tin trees in the V&B bag!

After we'd packed, we went out and took a carriage ride around the city - it was a nice way to see things, although it started to rain, but it didn't stay on for long!

And so it was back to the hotel, with a bit of lunch on the way, and we humphed our bags to the taxi and it was off to the airport.

Mum and Me ready for our horse and carriage ride

Now, we were both worried about the weight of our bags. We were standing behind a trio of guys in the queue who'd been out in Austria skiing, and were similarly concerned, they'd been weighing their bags and putting on extra layers of clothes to cut down. They were suggesting to each other that if their kit was still going to be too heavy, they'd try resting one edge of it on the metal divided between the two luggage belts at check in; otherwise it was 8 euros per kilo extra. I chuckled and they turned round and said, oh you must be worried too! I told them anything was worth a try!

So, at check in, mum put her bag on first, and it was 2.5kg over! The check-in agent asked if my bag was heavier - Mum, in her wisdom, said probably but she got a kick in the ankles then.

I thought this was pretty - no idea what the building is though!
..I said innocently that I had no idea what it weighted, but thought it might be lighter! So I swung my bag up onto the conveyer belt and made it look as effortless as possible, and fortunately it was 1.5kg under the allowance...mainly because one side of it was, yes, you've guessed it - on the divider! Mum noticed and I could see she was about to tell me to move it onto the belt properly and it was only when she got another kick in the ankles she realised what I was up to! The skiers were at the desk on the other side of the conveyer belt and were also quietly giggling that it had actually worked! So we checked in and there was no problem! As we walked away Mum was aghast at what I'd done, but very pleased we didn't have excess baggage to pay! We got through x-ray, and after the security officer checked my (4 bags of caramelised) nuts, we were on our way to Stansted.

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The Radisson SAS Hotel Altstatds …
The Radisson SAS Hotel Altstatd's…
Mum and Me ready for our horse and…
Mum and Me ready for our horse an…
I thought this was pretty - no ide…
I thought this was pretty - no id…
Our trusty steed
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