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The bridge Maria and the children run across in Do-a-Deer!

We headed back into the city on the bus and dumped our purchases in the hotel. I'd spotted a shop selling Steiff teddies and animals when we were being driven to Mirabellplatz, and because I collect hard bodied Steiff bears, I wanted to pop round and see if there were any European bears I could get which I couldn’t' find at home. I didn't get any bears, but Mum bought Mark a little ginger Steiff cat, which she gave him for was HIS first Steiff, I think number 26 for our joint collection! We found a lovely little cafe run by an Austrian-American guy who talked to us for a while, and when he saw me reading the papers and realised we were from the UK, he went to the British Shop next door and bought me a copy of the Guardian! Bless! He made the most FANTASTIC Gluhwein, and served it with a sugar cube flambéed in kirsch on a spoon.

Trying to be artistic with a window in the hotel
..when the flame went out I stirred it into the mug of Gluhwein, and oh - it was fantastic! We both had homemade Apfel Strudel too. The guy was a total charmer, but very nice!

We headed back to the hotel to start packing, and I went out to take a top back to a great store called Schops (!) which had started to come apart at the seams! Unfortunately it was shut because it was Sunday, so I resolved to get back tomorrow before we left. It was at this point I realised getting all my stuff into my bag was going to be quite a problem...

Dinner on our last night was really rather spectacular...we went up to the Fortress and ate there. We were the only people in the restaurant apart from a large American tour group who were going on to a concert in the main building (Mum and Dad did this last time). The food was fabulous; my entree was monkfish wrapped in proscuito and was divine.

And so it was back to the Hotel Altstadt for the last night of our wonderful trip. I was definitely sad to be leaving.

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The bridge Maria and the children …
The bridge Maria and the children…
Trying to be artistic with a windo…
Trying to be artistic with a wind…
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Pretty Christmas Decorations
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Candles at St Peter's.
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A rather onion-esque spire
Salzburg by night from the fort
Salzburg by night from the fort
photo by: travpro11