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The flight to Stansted was fine, and then we had to check in for the EasyJet flight! They did comment we were both over our baggage allowance, but thankfully didn't charge us because the flight was pretty quiet! But our problems weren't over...

We went through security to the departure area, and the young girl on security said I had too many pieces of handluggage. Fair enough, I had a small rucksack on my back (which would have EASILY gone under my seat) but I also had a large carrier bag from Villeroy & Boch with the two tin Christmas trees in them, plus a few other breakables, like baubles and decortations - the bag was pretty tightly packed already. She said I either had to check in my rucksack or I couldn't fly. Mum started to panic, and I sent her on through to the X-ray area...she was nearly crying by this point, and I had to re-assure her if I missed the flight I'd get the next one! I couldn't check the carrier bag in because it wasn't sealed, but the stuff I had in my rucksack was also pretty much fragile or breakable...a mug, my Willowtree figurine, six bags of carmelised nuts and all the usual like my book, make up bag, camera, mobile/ cell phone and iPod. So this little jobsworth said if I could get everything from the rucksack into the carrier bag I'd be fine. So off Mum went, but I could see her jumping up and down in the x-ray queue to see how I was getting on. By the time I'd put the camera, cell, iPod, wallet and passport into my jacket pockets, managed to squeeze everything else from the rucksack into my bag, the only thing I had left was the actual rucksack! I said this to the girl who'd originally pointed out my flaw, that this was the only thing I had left and surley I didn't have to check in an empty bag? She said no, that was fine, and anyway, I could put all my stuff back into the rucksack when I was at the gate! I was fuming!!! The only reason I couldn't have more than one bag is that it holds things up at the x-ray machines, the airline doesn't bother at all! So we had to rush through from the x-ray area to the gate, which was the furthest away from security, and we collapsed into a small heap on the floor! We got a couple of sandwiches to eat on the flight, and that was us, homeward bound to Glasgow once more.

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photo by: vvicy1