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This is a trip I'd really been looking forward to - my parents had gone to Salzburg at roughly the same time last year, and I was desperate to see the city. To be honest, part of my obsession stems back to my childhood, the year 1993 to be exact...if you're sitting comfortably, then I'll begin.

Basically, as a child I was full of beans and used to go to dance classes three times a week. A group of us from my dance school auditioned for a pantomime (for non Brits, that's a usually musical-based performance of childhood fairy tales, usually stories like Tom Thumb, Cinderella, Aladdin, etc) at one of the Glasgow Theatres, and for 6 weeks we were part of the troupe. It was a great experience...for me mainly because it mean missing most of a day of school a week for matinees! The fact we got paid - even for rehearsal time - helped too. Heck I was 11, I was imagining what amount of sweets I could buy per show's wages! Anyway, on our last night of the show, we were told a production company were holding auditions at the theatre the next day for a professional stage production of....The Sound of Music! It was a movie I'd always loved, an affinity inherited from Mum, who also adored it
So, we all turned up the next day and I was the only one who got beyond the first round, by lunchtime I'd had two more singing auditions and was asked to learn a script over the lunch break. They were looking at me for one of two 'Louisa' roles (there were two teams of youngsters because Equity laws in the UK mean under 16s can only work a certain number of hours a week: because the show was to be put on in both Edinburgh and Glasgow they were going to pick one group of 6 kids from each city (Liesl was being played by then up-and-coming English actress Amanda Holden who, at 21, was allowed to do each show) and they'd both perform in the King's Theatre in Edinburgh and the King's Theatre in Glasgow. So...after a very long day it turned out I lost out to a 15 year old for the role of 13 year old Louisa, and the girl who got the part had actually played Louisa in the last tour of the same production. Oh well I thought, perhaps I won't tread the boards.

This was the Saturday...on the Monday I'd come home from school and honestly, not deliberately, put on the "Sound of Music" video. Mum wandered through after some time and sat watching with me. She asked if I was disappointed to which I answered not really, which was the truth. It was at the point she said the producers had called her at work and asked if I'd still be available to be Louisa...the director decided three teams of children were needed, one solely for Glasgow, one solely for Edinburgh, and one which would do shows in both cities, thus working for four weeks across both venues, instead of just two weeks in one! I was over the moon! Imagine a very blonde, very hyper, very loud 11 year old girl who from then on didn't stop singing S.O.M. songs!

So anyway, this was in the January, rehearsals started early February in Edinburgh (great, more time of school, two days a week to go through for rehearsals with some of the rest of the cast) and the show was put on late February (I think...). The 'family' was made up of 5 children from the Glasgow area, and one, our Gretel, who was from Edinburgh direction. It was absolutely amazing, we featured heavily in the local newspapers and we were on TV too. I thought getting £25 per show was a great deal and bought a television and a SEGA Mega Drive and several games with my earnings (which I think totaled £375 for 15 shows), and even had change for my bank account...can't imagine that amount of money would get you so much these days!

And from there on in my fascination with The Sound of Music and Salzburg was firmly established, and from then on, I wanted to visit the city! In October 2007, Mum made my dreams come true by booking this trip. 29th November was our departure date, and I couldn't wait!

sacesta says:
Wow, a celebrity! Great story. Thanks for sharing it.
Posted on: Mar 04, 2008
brownh27 says:
Wow how fab that must have been. I remember visiting Salzburg on the way to Hungrey in 1993 and have alays wanted to go back - may be one day! :)
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
ienjoybeingagirl says:
I loved this story! What an amazing experience for you. I've always wanted to go to Austria because of the Sound of Music. I can't wait to read more about your trip!
Posted on: Feb 06, 2008
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