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So Noosa is incredible.  Gorgeous weather and gorgeous beaches aside, it is pretty different from the other areas we have been to.  It is surrounded by everglades and a national park.  There are tons of trees and lots of wildlife...which we witnessed firsthand this morning at 5am.  The birds here are crazy!  We opted to close our windows and bear the heat instead of struggling to sleep through the squawking. 

We are staying at Koalas Hostel, which is very nice and home to one of the only bars in town.  Our sharemates are very nice, including a girl from Spain named Sandra, a girl from Finland named Yohanna, and a mysterious Aussie guy who seems to sleep all day. 

Last night we spent a good amount of time getting to know each other, and the girls had lots of questions about the U.S.  It is very interesting to hear what they have heard about America...(Everyone is materialistic, and everyone loves George Bush).  We talked about healthcare and education, and even though I know the basic differences from country to was not any less shocking to hear firsthand that Yohanna paid $80 a year to attend university.

Another interesting thing that I have been meaning to point out is how EVERYONE speaks English as a second language.  Students are required to take English in most other countries and to be fluent by the time they graduate.  What's interesting is that this is not only required so that they can communicate with people from English-speaking countries, but also with other people who have English as a second language.  It seems that English is the universal second language for non-English speaking countries.  For example, Yohanna speaks Finnish, and Sandra speaks Spanish...they both have English as a second language, so they are able to communicate in their second languages.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying Noosa so far...the weather has been amazing, and we spent most of today out on the beach and in the ocean.  Jules and I climbed some rocks that stretched out over the ocean and took some great photos (soon to come!)  Jenny and I are signed up for surfing lessons on Friday, so that should be interesting!  Tomorrow we are getting up early to hike the National Park until sunset.  Will keep y'all posted on how that goes!

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photo by: jbo