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I LOVE Byron Bay.  It is crazy to think that a place this perfect for me has been lying all the way on the other side of the world.  Byron is a small, hippy beach town with a perfect beach and awesome people.  All the bars have a big "hippy vibe."  There is live music every night, and it seems like the entire neighborhood gathers to have a good time any day of the week.  We really like the bar, RailWay.  I could see myself living here and being so happy.  People here have the right mentality.  It is amazing, and I've never felt more at home.  

Yesterday we went on this "Kayaking with the dolphins" trip...and we did just that...minus the dolphins.  haha.  Our first hint that the kayaking trip might not be for us was when we were told to squeeze into smelly wet suits.  We were then told to put on smelly helmets...and then forced to carry our kayaks down to the beach...and those kayaks needed at least 3 men on each one to carry comfortably.  We were not having fun before even paddling out...and from there on...It was pretty much 4 hours of hardcore kayaking, and no dolphins as a reward.  We did see a couple fins out in the distance, and also a sea turtle and a humpback whale once we got to shore, but it was definitely not what we were expecting--which were millions of dolphins coming up to our kayaks and us petting their heads.  Since our threesome is an odd number, Jenny and Julie had a kayak together, and I shared with a 40 yr old woman from Brisbane, who had a severe back problem (Yes, I did most of the hardcore paddling).  Into the first hour of kayaking and not seeing dolphins, Jules, Jenny and I began exchanging looks of dread.  After the 2nd hour of kayaking and not seeing dolphins...we began complaining about our arms hurting.  After the third hour of kayaking and not seeing dolphins...I was laying down on my kayak and letting it drift where ever.  We did stop for a quick snack on a coast opposite from where we started...The three of us quickly decided to ask if we could walk back instead of paddle back for the last hour.  It seems most people liked out idea, because after everyone else chimed in asking the same thing...the tour guides looked at us, and said, "You are three willing and able need to paddle back."  He then let some of the older people walk back...After the 4th hour of kayaking...and still no flipper moments...I didn't care if I had to sit out in the ocean all night...I was going to let the waves pull me in ( It took me a full hour and a half to half-heartedly paddle back to shore dragging my worthless kayak partner along).  I peeled off my wetsuit and laid in a big puddle on the beach until our tour guides added icing to the cake by making us carry the kayaks back up from the beach.  We are just now able to laugh that we paid $50 to be work mules for the day. 

And I have to say.... I still loved every single minute of my time in Byron.  This place is AMAZING.


Side note:  Julie McGonigal is so brave!  Her nose was pierced in Kings Cross a couple days ago! (I am jealous...but will not be returning with anymore holes or tattoos, Mom and Dad) :)

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Byron Bay
photo by: SFGiantsGirlie