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Just as a quick, random thing...I would like to say that I have overcome a few things these past 2 weeks of traveling...
First of all, I have overcome my fear of certain bugs, and anyone who knows me...knows that I am terrified of butterflies (like really terrified).  Living in hostels is great when it comes to poor backpackers just looking for a place to sleep, and I definitely was not expecting silk sheets and a mint on my pillow at night...However, I was not expecting beetles in my bed and strange shelled bugs (that I don't know the name of) in the bathrooms and showers.  Still, I think I have learned to just brush the bugs from my bed and ignore whatever is flying around in my room before I close my eyes and fall asleep.  I think before I would just solely concentrate on the tiniest gnat being in a room, and I could not relax until it was killed.  Ask my sisters...they hate me because whatever room I am in, I always check all corners of the ceilings for bugs or spider webs...psychotic?  Yes, I know.  Somewhere along the way, I grew up to be a HUGE baby...but good news!  I am apparently growing out of it...mostly because I have no choice unless I were to never sleep.
Secondly, I have become less afraid of the ocean.  I think it's the unknown that I really don't like...I mean I don't know what's below me, and I don't know what it looks like or what it could do for me, so it freaks me out!  I blame this mostly on my dad and my sisters...who really scarred me for a good portion of my life when we were snorkeling in Cayman Islands and they repeatedly threw fish food at me so fish would swarm.  Now I don't think it would bother me...I mean I am pretty much a surfer now since my lesson this morning (Photos to come--It was incredible, and I'm addicted)!  And I'm alive!  No fish ate me!
Lastly, I have learned to sleep through noise.  The trick?  You just have to look at it as background noise.  I mean why can people fall asleep to rainstorms or beach waves and not...for example...3 roommates who snore and choke on their own snores throughout the night (which is the case currently).  I have learned to just let it lull me to sleep.
I think overall...I have just become less of a complainer...I mean there's a lot of complain about here...tons of bugs, ridiculous heat, messy roommates, messy rooms, disgusting hostels, cockroaches in the hostel kitchens, expensive food, expensive internet, expensive everything...but when it comes down to it...I am in AUSTRALIA.  It is awesome here, and I'm not letting anything or anyone stop it from being awesome.  And I think all the changes I have been "forced to make" are for the better.  I can't be scared of butterflies forever, right?  :)

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photo by: jbo