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So after spending all of yesterday recovering from the festivities of the previous night...and also attempting to piece the night together...we hopped on a bus to Byron Bay.  We arrived in Byron Bay this morning around 10:30...after a 12 hour overnight bus trip...which we all popped a few tylenol PMs for and slept the whole way.  Byron is a little hippie town on the beach...very different from Sydney, and also about 20 degrees warmer.  Our hostel is 20 times better in every way.  We share with 2 German girls and one German guy.  Our hostel is right on the beach and 1 minute from town. 

We laid out today (with tons of sunscreen slathered on me, mom!), and the weather is absolutely perfect.  The waves are huge, and I definitely decided I MUST try to surf while I am here, even with my huge fear of sharks and jelly fish...and fish...and coral...and anything that lives in the water.

We did Tim Tam Slams today...which Lindzi recommended to me.  This involves coffee and chocolate covered pretty much bite off each end of the wafer, then sip your coffee through it until it begins to melt...then you slam it in your mouth.  Sooooo good.

After exploring the town and getting to know our sharemates, we went grocery shopping and did some unpacking.  Tonight we are going to a beach party BBQ and then out to a bar called Cheeky Monkey to meet some locals.

Tomorrow we are going on a trip to Nimbin, which is a small hippie town in the countryside...lots of stuff to do there that revolves are the Aboriginal culture and spirituality.  Should be a good time! 

We are also going to go kayaking with dolphins and humpback whales on Friday!  It's hard to pack in everything we want to do, but I think we can fit it all in before leaving Saturday for Surfer's Paradise!

I love Australia and both areas we have been to so only complaint?  Coffee is very hard to find, and when you do find is very expensive.  I think now is a good time to kick my caffeine addiction and switch to water.

I promise the pictures are on their way!  I keep forgetting my cord to transfer them, but hopefully tomorrow!

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Byron Bay
photo by: SFGiantsGirlie