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Today we came up with the plan to layout at the black beach in Perisa, take a tour of the volcano, and the hot springs of Santorini. So far the day started off good (we were on vacation so in a way everyday was good). We got to the black sand beach and rented some chairs and unbrellas. However about 20min later a nice strong wind came up. Now the girls were determined to lay out, so when the wind started blowing and sandblasting us they just took and layed there. I on the other hand had to find something to do. So I walked down the beach looking for sea glass. Believe it or not it took about another hour for the girls to finally get fed up with the blowing sand. So it was off to lunch. Our tour was supposed to start at 2pm. Well needless to say lunch took longer than we thought and we got to Fira kind of late and had to find parking. That accomplished we then had to find out where to go which we didn't in a pretty short time. At this point we had two choices on how to get down to the old port. One was hike down, the other was the tram. Well the lady at the tram didn't speak english and there wasn't a schedule we had no idea when it would head down, and we only had 20 min.  So we decided to hike. Now I have to explain that my girlfriend Dema had reconstructive ACL knee surgery in June. While this had not affected our abilities so far this new situation needed to be tested. So off we went. Dema was having a hard time keeping but she was doing great... We were just below Fira when Monica's flip flop broke. We decided that John would run ahead and try to find flip flops while the rest of us made our way down. Let's just say that it wasn't working out very well for Monica. So I gave her my flip flops, and since we had to hurry Dema had to lean on me for support going down the steps. So here I am barefoot, and with another person using me as a cane going down the trail from fira to the old port. There are three ways of getting up, the tram, your own power, or the Donkey!!! What do donkeys do like most animals, the defecate, and urinate whenever they please. So needless to say here we are heading down and I am barefoot. I tried dodging the wet piles and spots but couldn't evade all of them. The amazing thing is we made it down to the old port in time to make our boat and John managed to find the last pair of flip flops available, and amazing enough they were less than 10 eruo's. Let's just say that I was drenched in my own sweat when we got there.
The volcano was interesting, but I do have to say that the hot springs aren't really hot. The water is just warmer then the rest of the ocean. The fun part to getting to the hotsprings was that we had to jump into the ocean about 30 meters from where the hot springs started.  That water felt so refreshing. Then it was back to the apartment/condo and dinner and shopping for the girls and bar hopping for the boys.
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photo by: wanderingluster