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At 6am we were woken up by the crew to inform us that we would be sailing at 7am.  Did they really need to wake us up? I mean would the engines starting and the ship moving give it away that we were leaving the island. The seas were still running high and we had waves crashing over the bow of the ship. It was reminding me of the Discovery show Deadliest catch. As we headed towards Athens we were picking up more passengers then usual because of all the other ferries were canceled. It was not long before the ferry was over loaded and people were crammed everywhere. Also since the high seas people were getting sea sick and the air conditioning could not handle the amount of people so it started to get really hot. After 8 hours of misery we finally could see Athens, for the past hour I had been trying to find a hotel. It seems there was 2 major conferences and 3 major festivals starting that day. We tried for over an hour trying to find a place to stay and finally gave up. I said to Dema lets go back to the area where we stayed last time and go to the internet cafe and see what we can do, are worst case situation was to just go to the airport and sleep there. We also had to change our flight and because of our flight change we needed to find a hotel in Newark, NJ. So we hoped on the Metro got off at the correct square and put our luggage in a locker so we wouldn't have to haul it everywhere. I got lucky and found a hotel in Athens. Also I was able to get our flight changed and a hotel in Newark.  Now all we had to do was find our hotel. We first went the wrong way but after a Metro officer helped us we got to the right square. Then we couldn't find the correct street. We got a break by asking a buss driver to help us. He didn't know where the street was but he got off of his buss and went and asked a couple of his fellow buss drivers. He then got on his cell phone and called someone to get directions. That guy was so cool and helpful to a couple tourist. The funny thing was the stree our hotel was on was less than a 100 yards from where we were standing. So off to check in. As were were checking in the guy at the desk informed us that we were lucky  to get this room as all of the hotels were sold out because of the before mentioned conferences and festivals.  The hotel was run down but we didn't care. We had maybe only 3 to 4 hrs of sleep on the ferry. Then a long day of travel in a hot vomit smelling ferry and then hauling our luggage across half of Athens. It was nice to get a shower, and something to eat and crash .
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photo by: wanderingluster