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Amanda and Andi, with Lorenzo and Chris in the background

I arrived in Grand Central Station around around 8:40, and was met there shortly after by my friend Lee.  He lives in Manhatten, and always lets me crash on his couch whenever I come to the city.   I have known him since he was 15, and we have traveled extensively together over the years.He is not "active" on TravBuddy as I am, but wanted to go to the meetup as well.  I got a metro card for the subway, and we headed off to the restaurant where we were meeting,   Walkers at the corner of North Moore and Walker in downtown Manhatten.   Amanda had text messaged me the name of the place, and Lee knew which subway stop it was to get there. 

Amanda called my cell phone just as we arrived in the front of the restaurant.

Adrian and Latifa
"Where are you?" she asked? "Andi has to leave soon!"   Look at the front door, we're coming in!   She came out to greet us, and hasty introductions were made near the chef's station.  She led us to the back room where the group had a large table.  With no more seats available, Lee and I grabbed a small table adjacent to the group. 

Introductions were made all around.  In addition to Amanda, there was Beth and Chris ( Beth is a friend of Amanda's from Brooklyn, who she is staying with while in NY)  There was Lorenzo (From Italy, with an obsession for the color yellow!)    Adrian,(Maithanfear on TravBuddy) who had come all the way from Dublin,   and Latifa (Aswold on TravBuddy) and of course, Andi (Andiperullo on TravBuddy, probably the most well traveled of us all, despite probably also being the youngest!)    We got drinks and menus, and stated getting to know each other.

from left: Latifa, Adrian, Andi, Me, and Lee
   Even though some of us were meeting in person for  the first time, it was more like a gathering of old friends reuniting.    Amanda apologized to me, explaining she had forgotten my Saguaro cactus magnet at Beth's.  No problem, just mail it!   I gave her the framed picture of Niagara Falls, which she seemed surprised and happy to get.  Andi also seemed to like the Delicate Arch photo.   I had no more frames, but a few more pictures, and I didn't want Latifa to be left out, so I let her choose one ...  she picked Niagara Falls as well.     Unfortunately, Andi had to be at work at 10pm, so she had to leave shortly after Lee and I arrived.   We made plans to meet up for brunch the next morning, and she was on her way.
Amanda's friends Beth & Chris
  Good thing I caught my train on time, or I would have arrived an hour later and missed her completely!  We spent the rest of the evening sharing travel stories and adventures. 

 When we wrapped up at the restaurant and everyone went their separate ways, it was a little before midnight.  Still pretty early in the city!  Lee asked if I wanted to go to a party one of his friends was having nearby.  Sure, why not!  We headed there for a few hours.  I didn't know anyone, but there were a lot of people there for a relatively small apartment!   The music was playing and the beer was flowing, and around 2 am,  our friends Dave and Doug showed up...(Lee and I had traveled with them to Japan and China earlier in the year)    They were arriving just about the time we were heading out, though.   We had plans to meet some of the other Travbuddies for brunch in the morning, so it was time to head back to Lees apartment to get some sleep.   By the time we got there and set up his fold out couch, it was 3 am!

travelman727 says:
Walt, I'm glad you all could get together and celebrate Amanda's birthday :-D
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
Lonelytravelerwin says:
Great that you guys have fun...always nice to catch up with travuddies in person and sharing all the little insights about the past trips we had. Awesome!
Posted on: Feb 21, 2008
AndiPerullo says:
Sooo happy that we ended up getting to spend a few minutes together before I had to rush off! Stupid work.

And "Andi SEEMED to like her gift?" Andi LOVED her gift!!! Thanks again, you're a real doll.

Oh, by the way, you are just as well traveled as I. :)
Posted on: Feb 06, 2008
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Amanda and Andi, with Lorenzo and …
Amanda and Andi, with Lorenzo and…
Adrian and Latifa
Adrian and Latifa
from left: Latifa, Adrian, Andi, M…
from left: Latifa, Adrian, Andi, …
Amandas friends Beth & Chris
Amanda's friends Beth & Chris
Beth & Chris
Beth & Chris
Lorenzo...obsessed with ther color…
Lorenzo...obsessed with ther colo…
Lee wonders why Im taking a pictu…
Lee wonders why I'm taking a pict…
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