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Saturday morning, my sister Tiziana, my brother-in-law Marcello, and my nephew Claudio, and I went to the very small town that my parent's are from in Abruzzo!  We stopped to buy sausage to cook on the fire in the fireplace.  We arrived at my parent's Italian home and ended up smoking out the kitchen and ourselves!  haha...our clothes smelled like smoke for DAYS later.  Luckily we shut the kitchen door so not to spread to the rest of the house.  I surprised one of the neighbors who is also a mom of one of my friends.  She was gardening and she dropped what she was doing when she saw me!  haha...I had literally done a spur of the moment trip that other than my sister no one was aware that I was going.  I ended up seeing my next door neighbor/friend and caught up a bit.

I actually surprised my friend Maria Antonietta as well.  She was walking to her grandfather's house when she spotted me waving to her.  I could see she was shaking her head like she couldn't believe what she was seeing.  She came over and gave me a hug and introduced me to her beautiful daughter Gaia who is 6 months old.   We spent a good part of the afternoon together reminscing of past trips: Her's to Cuba and to the USA and the first time we met in Italy back in 1993.   I stopped by to Annamaria who was unfortunately not home.  Also, I went to my aunt's house and found my cousin Roberto home alone.  He was shocked to see me as well.  In front of my aunt's house, I ran into my friend Vincenzo.  We caught up on what we were doing and studying.  He also remembered the summer of 1993 and had found a few days before a picture from that summer.  I guess the summer of 1993 was not only memorable to me but also memorable to all the people I spent with that summer.

sylviandavid says:
So fun catching up with old friends!
Posted on: Feb 02, 2008
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