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I left Philadelphia on a direct flight on January 3rd and arrived at Rome's Fiumicino airport on January 4th.  The plane flight was uneventful.  No crying children. Plane packed with Italians returning to Italy after their vacations in the USA.  Waiting for my luggage I saw 2 guys I had seen on my return flight to Philadelphia from Las Vegas on January 2nd.  (yes, I had back-to-back vacations!)  No Customs stopping me to ask "do you have anything new?" on this trip.  No one waiting for me at the airport either.  That was the weird thing to not look at the people waiting to pick people up.  This is the first trip that I don't have someone waiting for me.  It used to be my grandfather with my brother-in-law, then it became my sister and my brother-in-law, then the last time it was my dad and my brother-in-law.  Anyway, it was odd to not have someone waiting.

I followed the signs "treni/trains this way."  Down the escalator I went and then onto the people mover and up the escalator following the signs "treni/trains this way."  Arriving to the airport train station, I found that there were three places I could buy tickets:  the actual train ticket booth, another ticket booth, and a little store.  Fortunately, I saw a "tourist office" sign and found an Asian guy standing behind the counter.  I found out that my train was to arrive in 10minutes at #3 and that I could buy my ticket from the little store.  I walked over and spoke to the woman in Italian asking about a ticket and she pointed to the one way ticket that was 5.50 euros and confirmed to wait at #3.  As I'm waiting for the train, I remember that I have to get the ticket stamped at one of the multiple yellow machines!  Of course the first one I walk up to is broken!  haha....of course!  The second one I could barely tell that it stamped the ticket.  The train comes, I put my luggage on one of the metal racks and sit nearby fearing someone would want to steal my luggage.  On the train ride, an American couple from Chicago area sits near me and we have a conversation about what we are doing in Italy in January:)  The train ride goes by fairly quickly.  It is about 45 minutes to the train station I need to catch the bus to Chieti Scalo, Abruzzo. 

The Tiburtina Train station isn't as nice as the train station at Fiumicino Airport.  I arrive and can't figure out where are the buses to go to other regions in Italy.  I finally walk outside to the bus drivers who are standing near the local Rome buses and ask.  They send me to half way around the circle to the bus station.  There I had no idea where I would catch the bus and which area it would leave from.  Luckily I recognized Arpa as being the Abruzzi bus company. I walked over to the bus driver going to L'Aquila and asked where I could get a ticket to Chieti.  He pointed me to Biglietteria 3.  I walked over and bought a ticket and found out it would be leaving in an hour.  I had missed the earlier bus :(  I was able to eat the sandwich my mom had made me and bought water from the pizzeria.  The pizza actually looked awesome!  Why can't I get good pizza like that in the USA??? Anyway, waited an hour and got onto the bus.  Little did I know that my ticket had an actual seat number on it!  Who had ever heard of having seat number on a bus???  Anyway, after realizing I'm in the wrong seat I get into my right seat and call my sister to tell her that I'm on the bus and leaving Rome.  I ended up putting my iPod on and fell asleep.  I actually awoke 5minutes before I had to get off the bus!  I was lucky or I would have gone to Pescara.  I had awaken a few times to see beautiful views of the mountains that I was stupid not to take pictures of:(:(  They were snow covered and beautiful!  I arrived in Chieti Scalo in 2 hours!  I would totally recommend taking the bus instead of the train to Abruzzo.  According to train schedules, it would take 4 hours at the shortest.

My sister and nephew picked me up at the bus/train station piazza in Chieti Scalo.  Drove to her house which is 5 minutes away.  Spent the rest of the day unpacking and spending time with my sister.  I didn't take a nap at all and adjusted to the time difference right away! 

I would totally do the train and bus again!  It was pretty easy.  I would just recommend to bring light luggage!
sylviandavid says:
Wow.... Must be wonderful to speak the language.. I write things down and point to it.... We really like to pack light too.... but it really is a challenge isn't it???
Posted on: Feb 02, 2008
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