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After boarding my flight on the Airbus A300, I notice that this brand new plane, seems to be sporting 20yr old seats.... they are leather and reasonably comfortable. still no leg room at all though. but this flight is only 90mins.

by now you might be wondering why its still the same day... well, flying 24hrs back in time does that!

we get off the plane, on the tarmack. onto a bus to the terminal... almost run over someones luggage on the way thats just sitting on the road...
I'm kind of worried about my own luggage I havnt seen it since auckland.. but they said it would make it...

passport control dosnt seem to care, he just stamps my passport and away i go. it takes a while but my luggage makes it! a small miricle.

another trip to the loo, this is worth mentioning because there is this absolutly gorgous woman cleaning them.. could have been a model, tall and great body.. i take my time while she wipes the mirror clean..
outside i tell giles, but he dosnt really believe me untill later when he goes while we wait for the bus, he comes back with a wide eyed look on his face going OMG....

I start chatting up this girl who I have seen on the flight all the way from sydney, shes on her way to make some film in some place i cant remember.. shes from melborne... I lose intrest.

the public transport here is awesome. there is the Ubahn, the underground rail that goes every ware, train comes ever min. and then when you get to the closest station, the trams run everyware again evey min. you buy tickets from a vending machine thing, but it all seems to be on the honour system, we have not seen a conductor checking tickets at all.

we make it to our hotel, and a rather jovial guy gives us the keys, the rooms pretty big, the bathroom is massive
and the toilet is round the wrong way! I think everyone must sit down to pee, because if you try it standing up you get splasback... the deep part of the loo is at the front... most disconserting when you flush and a wave of effluent rushes towards you, only to disapear down a small gap at the front.

we are both nakkered, First thing i do is have a much needed shower, then we go out and get some food. I coma out around 8pm.

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photo by: hellenica