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Well, Australian customs look like they hadnt had a break in 3 days, they were well grumpy. i was putting stuff from my pockets in the tray like asked and he kept snatching it from me and then gave me bad looks when I took another tray to continue unloading my pockets... (I was prepared for a long trip!)

after that, I walked around the airport attempting to find my gate... their layout sucks, had to walk all the way down one wing to find out from the screens that my flight wasnt listed, so had to go back and try another wing.

eventually i found my gate, and had to wait for my plane for about an hour.. all the while being subjected to bad aussie telly on the big screen.

Now on a 767? bound for bangkok, I know why Economy is called cattle class. my knees were jammed in place, and if the person in front of me desided to lean back i nearly got it in the face!.

on the up side, we all had personal screens, and a wide selection of music/movies/tv to watch.
they came around with snacks and drinks all the time, i think i got fed about 3 times in the 8hr flight. but the aircon sucked, unlike the smaller planes you have no personal air control, and i swear our section was around 25 degrees. needless to say i did not need the blankets they handed out and spent alot of time pressed up against the window as it was something like -60 outside.

I watched some movies, and then decided it was time to sleep, being around 10pm at night nz time. only to be woken up and fed again before landing in bangkok.

the pilot announces that its a silent terminal and that we have to make it to *garble gable static* within 30mins....  we all look at each other and try and figure out what the hell he just said.

I think he said gate 32... we get off, we are allready at gate 32 on level 1..... do i just stay here? nope we all seem to be being herded away....

it turns out, that we had to get off, walk all the way around the terminal, up a level, and arrive back at the same damn gate, just on a different side of the plexy glass!. where we go through yet another security check... this time the metal detector goes off... its my wallet full of coins, the other metal detectors never cared about this, i just pat my pocket and say wallet, they wave the wand over me and tell me to carry on.... it could have been a knife!

so back on the plane, its been cleaned, and i have new people sitting next to me... poor buggers, by now ive been up nearly 24hrs and couldnt get spray deodorant through the securty checks...

we continue on, we are flying in the same direction as the night so I wont see any daylight till we reach london..
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photo by: Deats