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We fly into london, terminal 4 i have to get to terminal 5 for my next flight.. this place is massive!
lucky they direct me onto a bus that takes 20mins to get to the terminal through a total rabbit warren of tunnels and roads!

the place seems dead, i go and check in for my flight, takes about 5 mins, i come out and the place is packed, several hundred students from florida university going to milan... damn some of them are hot.

I ask the info guy if there are showers around, he says i feel your pain... after 30 or so hours of flight, i'm sure he cound smell my pain!
the answer is no...

off to security i go, these guys are through, asking people to remove any shoes that have metal in them, like mine, and belts etc. i send my smelly shoes through...

This really hot chick asks if she has to take off her cardigan thing, the security guy smiles ear to ear and says yes, she complys and it was a wonderfull sight... i burst out laughing at the security guy he seems pleased with himself, the girl cottens on and smiles at me. she asks if she has to take off her shoes too, a teacher pipes in and says just take it all off!, i laugh again, and say but you can leave your hat on.... she goes bright red.

off i go to the toilets, to unleash 30hrs of pent up fury while i'm there I change out of my manky clothes, the inside of my black socks are white... its not pleasent. i must have smelt like a bum.

I start looking around the place and realise that this terminal is the size of a city! how the hell am i meant to find giles?
but the helpfull staff at Brittish airways tell me he has checked in and broadcast an announcement over the PA for him to come to the desk.

Giles is a deaf bastard, and dosnt hear this, but by complete chance, walks right by me.

Off we go to get some food, and then wait for our flight.
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photo by: ulysses