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    Giles sorted out our occomadation, booked a twin room with its own bathroom. when we get there, its a double bed.... turns out they dont do any twin rooms, even though thats what they have on their website..
up untill now Ive been letting giles take the double beds on the trip. now its paydirt. he takes the floor.

did the free tours around the city, recommend these as they are very good and quite fun.
did a fare bit of wandering around the city, there is alot of italian resturants here.

as we walk down the st closing on dark, we notice 3 girls walking by eating ice creams, all wearing short skirts, blond hair and girdles. naturally we think, oh must be promo girls... then we see more of them. must be a promo girl convention or somthing. maybe they just finished work...
one offeres her services for 60 euro... they are not promo girls.

sunday rolls around, and we head out to the airport, I cant find my flight, i look at my eticket, its for the 9th... sunday is the 8th. so i come back and book a room for the night. i get bunched with a small guy called justin form New york, we think hes a bit camp.. and 2 scottish guys who keep me laughing my ass off all night.

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photo by: CFD