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Another lessen about scuba diving is knowing your equipment. On this dive trip I was using two dive computer. I was doing this just incase one failed. Now I have had one for several years and know it like the back of my hand. The other computer was brand new and while I thought I had it all figured out, I didn't. So when diving and you have two computers you should follow the one with the most conservative readings. The computer with the most conservative readings was of course the new computer. I had it all set up for the Nitrox mix we were using 40% 02 but it would always say it was time to go up an extra 20 min before my old computer said I needed to go up. Well to make a long story short, everything was set correctly on the new computer except it was set to be diving at an altitude of 10000 feet. For those of you who don't scuba dive at sea level we have a certain amount of pressure on our bodies from the atmoshpere. As you decend in the water that pressure increases. As you climb the pressure decreases. That way when you are flying and making the decent you have to pop your ear because there is more pressure on the body. So needless to say when the computer was set correctly it worked perfectly. Now I had thought since it was a new computer and my old one is about 10 years old I figured that might be a difference in reading. Nope there wasn't when it was set correctly both computers had the same numbers.
One of the dives that most divers like the most is the shark dive. Today is the day we do our shark dive. I have done many shark dive in the caribbean and off of Ca. (no great whites :((  ) but we are in a different part of the world with different sharks. There is something to be said about seeing a shark in the wild. They are just so beautiful. I know so many people who are scared of them but for the most part I would rather hang  out with the sharks than most people (especially lawyers, actually calling a lawyer a shark is giving the shark a bad name). We finished the day diving on a betty bomber. This was a fun dive because the whole bomber is pretty much on one piece. You can find the engines and even the machine guns. If  you really want you can still even sit in the piolets seat.
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photo by: kchrist454