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    We woke up on the boat. Started the day off with breakfast which is different from any other live aboard dive boat I have been on before. You actually get to choose your breakfast from a menu. Most live aboard dive trips it is either a buffet or they bring you whatever they cook. It was nice being able to have choices. It was then time to start the day diving. The first thing you go through is a boat briefing. The reason for the briefing is so you understand what how the crew expect you to behave while diving and to go over any safety procedures. Trukk doesn't have much to offer for modern medicine and it isn't a good idea to need to go to the hospital on the main island. We actually brought a lot of medical equipment since our party had several paramedics and two surgens on board. Starting today and for the next 5 days we were going to be doing 5 dives a day at over 100ft deep. We are also going to be using Nitrox which is a breathing gas that has more Oxygen then the air we breath. The benefit to using Nitrox is that it will give you more bottom time and it seems to help you from becoming as tired than breathing normal air. It however can become toxic if you go too deep because Oxygen under pressure becomes toxic to humans. So if you were breathing 100 percent O2 and if you went below 20ft deep you would go into convolsions and die. However if you are certified and use commen sense as with any dive it is perfectly safe to use. What makes this trip different from most other dive trips is almost every dive you are diving on a wreak from WWII.
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photo by: kchrist454