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Lowu Commercial City, Shenzhen

Today we had an amazing shopping trip into China. 

Believe it or not, it was actually pretty good (coming from two people who hate shopping). We crossed into Southern China, and went to Shenzhen, for a day of retail therapy. Because again we were leaving HK, we needed to take Passports with us and also this time a VISA was required.

We paid for our VISA before leaving HK (a steep $530, for a single entry visa). For some reason if you are British or American you pay about $300 dollars more than other nationalities so be warned. I have since discovered that this is due to the UK being a Non-Reciprical Country. For other nationalities except the US you can pick up your VISA at the Lowu border crossing, for about $150.

Shenzhen is renowned as a place to pick up a bargain, over the years the design and quality of goods have improved dramatically, the result is incredible value for money, but do remember to haggle profusely and expect to pay at the most a third of what is originally asked for.

We traveled to Shenzhen on the KCRC train from Kowloon, it took about an hour and was very efficient. Upon leaving customs look for the shopping mall, Lowu Commercial City. If in doubt just follow the precession of people from customs heading that way. Most visitors to Shenzhen will not get much further than LCC as pretty much most of your shopping needs are catered for here. LCC is a huge shopping centre, a gold mine of products and services provided by eager sales staff beckoning you to buy. It is a huge, busy, bustling place that is open from 6.30 in the morning till midnight. Be warned though if you don’t like pushy sales assistants, as this is de rigor here. You will find them literally pleading with you to go and see what they have to sell. If you only plan on shopping at LCC then take HK dollars which will suffice, as we did.

Any guys reading this, take note, while the ladies are shopping you must go seek out a massage parlor. Two hours were happily spent this way for me and Jeremy, while Summer and Tamara scoured around for the bargains. Shenzhen is a great place to enjoy a massage, a good lunch, a manicure or pedicure in between bouts of window shopping, exploring and visiting tailors. Ladies need to be prepraed for the crys of "Missy, Missy, Pedicure, Manicure" every ten minutes or so.

It’s an experience definitely worth checking out whilst in HK, and with Shenzhen being only 45 mins away from central HK, it is easily reached. Get used to the Paparazzi feeling when at LCC you'll need time to adjust to it. When some of the touters and sales staff descend on you, you'll know just how Take That felt. Sometimes, you just want to yell, 'Go away!' But dont.

We got some great bargains all round, and I managed to barter a shop keeper down from $2,200 to $500 for a technical North Face jacket, which is difficult to tell if it’s real or not. To be honest for only thirty pounds who cares if it’s real or not. It certainly looks the part. Yep…. Def the place to go for handbags, shoes, DVDs, and Watches. Oh and MP5s as well, whatever they are.?


Ellis_James says:
Where is your review on Shenzhen? I have been looking through your blogs. You travel around a lot as part of your business. What do you do if you dont mind me asking?
Posted on: Aug 07, 2006
ophirh says:
hey, glad u went there. great city. about bargains, read my review about it... the chinese start at around 8 times the original price even more sometimes. they know that if they get you down to 25% u'll b happy and they'll also.
But be sure that the quality of what you bought is good (at least the north face i bought is good). so it worths the money ;)
Posted on: Aug 07, 2006
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Lowu Commercial City, Shenzhen
Lowu Commercial City, Shenzhen
Hong Kong
photo by: Sunflower300