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Okay, so we know where we want to go. Now it’s just a matter of deciding in what order we’ll go there… Easier said then done, there’s still a little something called ‘money’ that we also have to take into account. Luckily we’ve both been saving up for this trip for a long time, so after a lot of puzzling we find out that it can be done financially at least.


Australia is the starting point and since we’re going to be there, we’d better enjoy it. We’ll arrive in Sydney and are going to take three whole days to do some old-fashioned sightseeing. After that, it’s into a hired car (for which I’ll be the designated driver – lucky me – as my friend doesn’t have a driver’s licence) and head towards the coast. We have roughly a week to reach Brisbane, which means this should give us plenty of time to witness some of the amazing sights along the way. Although we have read about a lot of things to see and do, any advice and tips are more than welcome…


When we reach Brisbane, the trip will really take off. Literally, since this is where our flight to Nauru will be waiting. Hopefully anyway, because at the moment we’re in the middle of the lengthy process of actually arranging said flight, along with accommodation on the island itself and a visa for the both of us. At the moment (31 January 2008) we managed to contact the airline which provided us with the costs and possibilities. So far, so good, but we can’t book the flights until we get accommodation. And that’s where it starts to get problematic.


Nauru’s two hotels don’t have websites or email addresses (that I’m aware of, so feel free to correct me on this), so the only way to contact anyone actually on the island is either by phone (can get a bit expensive, those extreme long-distance calls) or by email through the tiny tourist office. A few days ago I typed up the email and sent it, not expecting an answer anytime soon. Imagine my surprise when I got a reply within one hour!


There wasn’t any useful info in that first mail yet, but the idea of being in contact with someone on Nauru really got my hopes up. So naturally I immediately replied back (even though it was almost two in the morning and I really had to get to sleep), and answered the question asked by the tourist office. And that’s where things stand now…didn’t get a reply on that second mail yet. It’s only been a couple of days, but I’m currently watching my mail account like a hawk every free moment, hoping for that all-important message from Nauru…

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photo by: liekevo