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Waiting at Brisbane airport for our Air NZ flight

Originally our plan was to go from Brisbane to our first Pacific island, Nauru, but because Our Airline (the only carrier going there) cancelled their schedule there wasn’t any way to reach Nauru anymore… :-(


So instead we opted for a stopover in Auckland, New Zealand, before connecting with our original schedule. We were lucky enough to be able to stay with friends of my sister. Dennis and Kolet and their little son kindly took us in for three days and also lent us their car so we could explore to our leisure. Not something you’d normally expect from Hell’s Angels! :-)


We arrived in Auckland around midnight, but Dennis didn’t have any problem with picking us up at that late time.

Our guest family... :)
He even drove us up ‘One Tree Hill’, sight of a former Maori stronghold smack in the middle of the city. Despite our weariness from the flight we were in awe about the 360 degree night view we were presented with. Funny note; the tree after which the hill was named is no longer there. A Maori cut the tree down with a chainsaw a few years back in a one man protest.


After that we went to Dennis’ house where Kolet had already made sure everything was in order for our stay. Before going to sleep we met with a very sleepy one year old Jimi who was awakened by the noise of our arrival. We relayed the best wishes as I had promised my sister I would, before turning in for the night. Our next adventure, albeit a short one, had begun!



P.S. Not a lot of pictures this time, I promise to upload more in my next installment... ;-)

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Waiting at Brisbane airport for ou…
Waiting at Brisbane airport for o…
Our guest family... :)
Our guest family... :)
Our new bestest friend! :D
Our new bestest friend! :D
Obelisk at One Tree Hill
Obelisk at One Tree Hill
View over Auckland from One Tree H…
View over Auckland from One Tree …
photo by: Fulla