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These are the graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee

I have officially finished Seattle.  This past go-round I did the underground walking tour and I was dragged through Pike Place Market for a few hours.  Having already seen the Space Needle, and having no interest in the EMP or any sort of physical activity (frisbee golf, hiking, snowshoeing, etc); Seattle has absolutely nothing left by way of tourism to offer me.  There are Jack-In-The-Boxes in many states, and it's probably time I started visiting them.  I even visited Bruce Lee's grave while I was out west.  Which is awesome and creepy, at the same time.  Awesome in that, it's a pretty solid monument to both Bruce and his deceased son, Brandon; and creepy that I opened a card addressed to Bruce some twenty to thirty years after his death, (I told you in previous entries that I was an Asshole).

Let's go, Cat.

Just like last time, the friends of my 'transplant friends' completely disappeared.  I was there from the 28th of November to the 2nd of December; I met one neighbor who was apparently a 'cat person', and I heard a different neighbor get inefficiently pleasured by a man who was too drunk to last.

That's it.  That was my trip.  The rest was spent drinking, smoking, and my personal favorite:  Taking a housecat for a walk.  Seeing as how my friends plan on living out there for some years to come, we're going to have to find a happy medium, like meeting in Vegas for a visit, or flying into Seattle and then GOING SOMEWHERE ELSE.  It's not a fun city, they'll break your balls over jaywalking, and let a dude smoking pot in front of them GO, just to give you a Jaywalking ticket. 

Unless you absolutely have to visit, I would suggest buying a couple of seasons of Frasier on DVD and saving your money.  One man's opinion.

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These are the graves of Bruce and …
These are the graves of Bruce and…
Lets go, Cat.
Let's go, Cat.
This is me smiling behind the grav…
This is me smiling behind the gra…
This is me being somber behind the…
This is me being somber behind th…
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