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For all intents and purposes and by all reports I am an Asshole.  I've been this way for a long time.  On stage, I get paid to be an asshole, and in my personal life, I do it for free.  It is with that caveat that all friends of friends are warned prior to my arrival anywhere.  Such was the case for my trip to Seattle.  My friend (since we're babies) moved to Seattle with his gal back in September of 06; They started a new life for themselves with new jobs, and new digs, and new friends.  Although, I believe the new friends are really just Washington's version of the old friends.  Anyway, the point is they've got a life and people in it.  I didn't see one person from their new life.  Not one.  Sure friends called, some texted, I overheard conversation but that's it.  No one wanted to pet the shark from Jersey.  Plans to play Rock Band fell apart, all of a sudden all their hard-partying westside friends were going to bed early, etc.

Seattle is a polite town.  The complaint of many is that it's too polite.  You'll bump into someone at a party, talk with them all night, seem like you're connecting on issue after issue, only to never hear from that person again; despite them asking for your number/email/myspace, this I'm told is most commonly referred to as the Seattle Freeze.  I didn't even get to experience the phoniness.  Next time.  I'll go during a fiesta or Oktoberfest.  That way they'll HAVE to pretend to like me.


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photo by: diisha392