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lake masaya with a wonderful sewage water fall entering the lake. sad :(
I know i am forgetting to write something that happened before this but i wanted to share my experience while it was still very fresh in my head. We did a tour of volcan masaya and it was one of my greatest experiences. We were picked up in a micro bus in granada and taken to masaya for a brief shopping trip.

I do not recommend going to masaya to shop... what i mean is they had nice things but they were selling the same stuff that the kids in the streets of granada were trying to sell us. I did however buy some very cool bracelettes made by a local rasta.  Our guide oscar then took us to a vista where you can see lago masaya. The lago was beautiful and large.  I saw what appeared to be a waterfall but later found out it was a sewage fall. 

This country is very beautiful but it is sad to see them destroy the natural beauty of their home.
volcan masaya crater
I have seen men, women, and children throw trash wherever they want. The streets are littered everywhere but people still take great pride in mainting there tiled sidewalks.

After a brief stop for pictures at the vista we continued up the hill and into the park for the volcano. We arrived at the top of the volcano as the sun was setting. You can see into the massive crater as clouds of gasses are constantly pouring out and shifting around. It was very magical... the light was playing with the gasses and the clouds. At times it looked as though the sky was on fire. We then hiked up to what I was told used to be a sacrificial area for indigineos peoples. I was told they would throw virgins and children into the volcano to please the gods and hopefully prevent further eruptions.

Of course a huge cross was placed there and catholics called it there own. Trying to cleanse the area and of course convert it please their own god.

It was almost dark and oscar drove us up the hill a little more (away from the volcano). We got out and took a short walk to old lava tubes. They were very large. The first one he took us too was filled with bats and they everywhere. It was amazing. We would leave our lights off for a moment and they would begin swarming. Very quickly we would turn them back on in hope of capturing photos and videos. After a few minutes of this we walked to another lava tube and entered it.  There were bats there also but nowhere near as many due to all the tourists. The walls were speckled with different colors and reflective materials.  We walked in about a half mile and the tube stayed wide thoughout the whole tube. It did widen in some parts and some areas were big enough to build a house.

We turned off all of our lights and sat there for a few minutes enjoying the peaceful quiet with the faint sound of bats fluttering around us.  I know my description does not do it justice. I also have many great photos but i am unable to upload them at my current location.  I would recommend this tour to anyone and everyone.

On the drive back we all sat there in silence just taking it all in. 

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lake masaya with a wonderful sewag…
lake masaya with a wonderful sewa…
volcan masaya crater
volcan masaya crater
photo by: keef_mon