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From this point on all of my writings have been done after my return home. I became too busy enjoying my travelling  and didn't want to sit at a computor. I am still going to finish writing about my storie for those that are interested and for myself.


This was my second time in this is area. I was here last year and the amount of construction since then is amazing. But not in a good way. Everything is very expensive and all the small sodas seem like they are being replaced with bigger more americanized and expsensive resturants. Last year the road was paved all the way to the small circle at the end of the strip. Now the roads are all torn up with large holes and rough terrain. I saw multiple cars bottoming out and getting stuck as well as the large beer delivery truck. We actually stopped for a few moments just to watch this. It was entertaining.

I had also heard from a few other travelers that the big diria resort was dumping raw sewage into the ocean. This made me a little aprehensive to jump in and swim. There were almost no waves and no one was surfing or swimming. This was a bummer because i was looking forward to surfing. I was repeatadly approached by people trying to sell us pot and cocaine. The whole situation seemed dirty and was not anything like what i remembered from the past year.

On our last night there we went to a small restuarant near the babylon bar where we met a few other travellers. We talked a little, finished our meal and left for the  mambo bar. The mambo bar seems cool, always playing reggae and regaeton.  We bumped into the same group of travellers and ended up spending the evening together drinking beer and sharing stories. There was a couple from new york and man from holland. After sitting for an hour or two we saw the locals doing lines of coke on the bar. YUCKY! They got up started dancing crazy and yelling crazy rasta things. At this point we decided it was time to go.

The next morning we took a cab to the tamarindo airport and flew into san jose.

Kero-whacky says:
I know what you mean about development in the area. The first time was in the Flamingo-Coco area was 2002. The last time was 2006; so much had changed! There was actually a tower crane looming over the town. And all the roads were completely shot. There are still cool places (I think). In 2005, we spent a week in Montezuma, on the southern tip of Guanacaste. Very laid-back, still very small.
Posted on: Apr 25, 2008
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Playa del Coco
photo by: delsol67