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After our flight to from tamarindo to san jose we caught a cab up to the downtown area where we were staying. Along the way I saw a mixture of money and poverty. I saw ferrari dealerships. Nice cars. And o ya.. a bum walks into a empty corner lot dropps his pants and starts releiving himself as people walk by.

After we got to our room we checked in and walked into downtown before it got dark. This was the only point of the trip that i actually felt insecure. I didn't feel as if people were looking at me wanting to steal my things but I definatly did feel a strong sense of culture shock.  Cars and people everywhere. Strange smells and even stranger people. It is very aparent that this city has a serious drug problem. Lots of crack heads everywhere. I was also surprised to see a gothic culture. I saw multiple goth dressed people and flyers for vampire parties.

We walked around for an hour an luckily i had my gps to get back to our room. the buildings are so tall and similar looking it is easy to get disoriented. Before heading back to our room we stopped and had some wendy's. How exotic. It was a funny experience though. You could tell they were not used to tourists who had barely any spanish skills.

We got back to our room before dark and had a great view of the city from our top floor room. I filmed a great time lapse of clouds flowing past the banco central. From our room we also had a great view of nice crack park. You know what i mean when i say this. It is a little park filled with trash and cardboard. There are constantly different people coming and going to sleep or smoke crack. It was amusing but also very sad. It make me appreciate who i am that much more.
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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira