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Well This is my first entry of my first travelogue.  I leave tomorry but wanted to first write some of my thoughts.  The first thing that comes to mind are the responses I get from people when I tell them I am going to Nica and Tica, or the safety warnings I get from people who really have no clue. The average response is "why are you going there?" or "what is there".  These comments are usualy spoken in a negative way.  I respond by explaining my deep desire to experience the unkown.  Beautiful beaches, jungles, animals, cultures, good times with friends and all the small things that end up being big memories. Most people dont understand.  With me traveling and exploring are more of a need, like food and water, rather than a want.  It is looking forward to my trips that help me to get through my days at work with a positive attitude.

How could I not live my life to its fullest potential.  I am young, no kids, no gf (although i wish i could share my experiences with a loving female) I have no reason not to and tons of reason TO.  It seems un-natural to me that people settle into there daily grooves and are content with that.  While I enjoy having a good job and the comfort of a semi-predictable life style I feel I must stir it up.  I am also grateful to be able to travel while other people in the world are struggling to eat.

I already know this trip will mess me up and cause me to rethink my priorities... but hey thats why it's so appealing.  Who knows what I will see, who I will meet, and what I will experience.  I have no expectations other than enjoying myself to fullest and hopefully returning a better and wiser person.

I am heading out with my previous costa rica travel buddies chistopher and noramah. After nine days or so in Nica we are heading south to costa rica where one of my best friends is flying in to meet me.

I plan on writing again after arriving in Nica.
martiana says:
Had to comment because you sound just like me! I've been heading to Costa Rica now each year for the past four years. Every year, someone asks me why I'm still going back when I could put down some roots here, get a proper job and a husband. But I'm looking to experience more than that too right now, and without feeling like I'm not leading a successful life. When I travel, I'm an independent, female world traveller. When I'm home, I'm a jobless bum; but I can live with that, just for the adventures I'm afforded when I travel. I don't want to settle into a 'daily groove wither, knowing that these places exist somewhere else in the world.
The trips always mess me up and my priorities change every year, but it's always, always worth it. I hope you don't listen to the world, and even occassionally, your own head, but follow your heart for the most part. Do what you want, while you still can and only compromise when you're happy to.
Soz it's such a long comment! Kelly :D
Posted on: Aug 17, 2008
dslay752 says:
Hope your having a great time. be safe and miss you long time. dave slay
Posted on: Feb 08, 2008
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