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Amazing meal at an open air cook your own buffet type thing!

I travelled to Bangkok on my own in december 2005 for a holiday/vacation, it was awsome, i spent about 5 days on my own there and i felt so safe, the people were practically falling over themselves to help you out and the food and culture was amazing!

I didnt stay on the typical Khao San Road area where most of the backpackers go and i still managed to  meet a cool group of Australians, a canadian and a brit while i was on my own over there.

Khao san road was cool, i loved all the stalls where you could buy cool clothes and handmade jewlery although if your tall or curvey its difficult to get clothes over there as the thai people are so tiny and petite! Im kinda glad i didnt stay on Khao san road cause to be honest you didnt see many thai people there or get to experience them as people and chat to them or anything as its mostly europeans there.

Bangkok skyline at sunset!
Although they do have great mat parties where you can go after most of the bars and clubs shut at 1am, there just like big mats on the floor out in the open air street, usually down a side road or alley, you meet all sorts of cool people there.

We mostly went out in Patpong over there as it was always an eye opener and you always met plenty of wierd and wonderful people there and some of the "working girls" were lovely to have a chat to, especially at a bar called the pink panther, where they also had a nightly thai boxing match which was cool.

The thai boxing at the lumpini stadium is a MUST SEE, its awsome seeing the rituals they do before fights and smelling the tiger balm in the air and the fighting itself is amazing to see as most of the fighters are no more than 16 years old.

Me getting molested by an elephant!
We got searced by armed police on entering the stadium though which was a bit un-nerving!

Chatuchak weekend market is cool and also a MUST SEE, its one of the biggest markets in the world and you can get a good bargain there if you barter a bit. Its open every saturday and sunday from 7am till late. Keep an eye on your money while your there though cause its usually packed and crowded so its a haven for pick pockets.

I tried some of the local delacacy's overe there like the deep fried crickets, locusts, maggots and cockroaches, that was an experience! They tastes pretty much just like pork scratchings apart from the cockroaches which had a little bit more...erm how do i put it...juice in them??? ergh!

So yeah my experience of Bangkok was great, a lot of people say they couldnt stay there longer than a few days cause it is quite polluted and crowded but each to their own, i think its a great place and very friendly for a big city!

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Amazing meal at an open air cook y…
Amazing meal at an open air cook …
Bangkok skyline at sunset!
Bangkok skyline at sunset!
Me getting molested by an elephant!
Me getting molested by an elephant!
At one of the mat parties, that gu…
At one of the mat parties, that g…
Buckets of drink for next to nothi…
Buckets of drink for next to noth…
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Another mat party, its so easy to…
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Me in thailand, i swear that old …
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