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It must have been early in the morning, because my dad as a rule likes to get a good start getting out of the city while the traffic is still clear and getting onto the highway by 8 in the morning. We went out with the intention to drive west across Europe from Point A, where we were currently living.

An odd thing about this trip was that it was not the first time we had ever done such a thing. We had done it so many times, actually, that I really had lost count by that point, and there is no way to tell. Being born in a missionary family... it just happens. I have never really lived in a country for more then 4 years: first was Brazil, where I spent from 1996 to 1999, and then Latvia (a country I happen to abhor) for another 4 years. All in all... I travel a lot. It gets addicting after awhile, and I think I have the right to attain the "globetrotter" status right about now.

A little bit about the Czech Republic: It seems more people outside of Europe remember it as Czechoslovakia from before the two countries split. Those people, of course, are generally the same ones who still believe Europe is languishing under the rule of the USSR. In a way, a lot of Slavic and eastern-European countries are. The Czechs, for instance, can't seem to forget that they are no longer under Communism, and thus they are quite reserved and cold. Prague still gets a few hundred thousand turists each year despite that, which makes it a very expensive country. Not so nice for living, in other words. But outside of Prague you can find some good wildlife, forests and such that make for very nice hikes and walks if you have an interest in that.
And one very good thing about Czech: they have a motto for living that says, "Save water; drink beer". A gook Budwieser is actually cheaper then water by the liter there. And they take their beers very seriously; never sell in plastic bottles. Such would be looked upon in a similar manner as an Italian finding you putting ketchup on his pizza. It's blasphemy.

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photo by: vulindlela