The wall of stones hunderds of years old and fresnos that were almost destroyed

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People might wonder I write a second journal entry on the same day. Yes, it was possible for me to write one big journal entry, but both place left such a good memory I thought they both deserved their own journal entry. After we (still my mom and I) left the Rio Usumacinta  the tour guide took us to a small restaurant near the river to eat something. It was already well over 2 o'clock so the entry tour group was already feeling hungry and thirsty and this restaurant visit was well-deserved after all the climbing we did in Yaxchilan earlier than morning. The food was decent in the restaurant, but there wasn't much choice either. We had the opportunity to choose between Chicken (grilled or Mexican) or Carne Asada. And because I had some problem with my stomach ealier this week I choose the Grilled Chicken, because I didn't want to take the risk of getting sick another time. But like I said, the food was decent and it provided enough energy to visit the next part of our tour; Bonampak.

So with renewed energy we went on to the final location of the tour. Before doing this tour I already read something about the ruins in Bonampak and they are well-known for their acient fresnos.  It was approx. a 30 min drive from "Rio Usamacinta" and when we arrived at the site we had to take another mini-van to go to the site. Why we did this, I have absolutly no clue at all, because it was a normal road and it was just possible to go with our own mini-van to the site. I think it was only for supporting the people who are working and living near the site, otherwise it just would have been stupid to do it like this.

Arriving at the site we had to walk to the ruins through the jungle and the first view of the site was just amazing. With parrot flying above your head you see a enormous wall (stairs) of stones. It was an amazing view. The stairs must have been around 90 to a 100 foot high and it was just amazing. Especially with all the sounds of the jungle around you. We decided to make some pictures and to climb the stairs to the top to see what view we had from there. And without doubt the view from the top was breath-taking. It was simply amazing and worthwhile to take a trip to Bonampak, but that wasn't the sole reason why we came to Bonampak. We came to see the fresnos and that was a dissapointment. Only in first Temple of murals the fresnos were kind of visible, but impossible to tell the tale and in the other 2 temples it was possible to see that there was something there, but to tell what it was, Nope that was impossible. It was nice to see, but it wasn't as good as the view of the temple. And the guards near the fresnos where kind of panicing over our camara. Probably only for protecting what is left of the fresnos.

I don't say that the trip to Banampak was a complete failure, because it wasn't. The site was more interesting than the fresnos, because the elements made sure that they were almost completly destroyed and the local people were doing everything in their power to save what is left of it. The site was way smaller than either Palenque or Yaxchilan, but nontheless amazing to visit. I would recommend it thought to visit this place in combination with the ruins of Yaxchilan. It isn't worth to spend an entire day to go to this ruins alone. The place is around 2.5 hours away from Palenque and the road is filled with army check-point in search of drugs and the ruin-site is too small to spend more than 1 hour there. But in combination this place is absolutly worth your time and money, but don't go their to expect well-preserved fresnos, because if you want to know more about the fresnos the internet is a better opportunity. Go there to be amazed by the wonders of nature and the dedication of the Mayas in building their cities.

Tomorrow it will only be the wonders of nature than will take our breath away, because my mom and I are going to the waterfalls of aqua-azul and Misol-ha.

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