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Who can you describe something so amazing, how is it possible for me to describe the feeling that I have after today. I will try, but it won´t be easy. The best way to describe it is like this: You are young and you are going with your big brother to the movies. You are going to see Indiana Jones, The Raiders of the Lost Ark. You watch the movie and you think it is amazing. You come out of the theater and you want to be just like Dr. Jones, but you know that it never will be possible, because there isn´t any jungle nearby to your home and you never heard about Yaxchilan. And until I visited Yaxchilan I always had that childhood dream. Now it was time to make this childhood dream come true.

On the day when we left for Yaxchilan I was feeling completely renewed when I got up at 5:30, not feeling sick one bit. The sun has rising and everything promised to be a beautiful day and it was. It was hot hot hot the entire day, but that didn't spoil the experience of going to the border of Guatemala to see Maya ruin in the middle of the jungle. We had top take a mini-van again to go to Yaxchilan and lucky for us the van got airco. Arriving 2.5 hours later at Rio Usumacinta we were preparing ourselves to take a trip in a small little motorboat. This was so much fun and so refreshing during this hot day. The boat trip took around 50 minutes to arrive at the ruin site so there was plenty of time to se the marvelous jungle around us and together with the humming sound of the motor everything became really peaceful and added absolutely to the entire experience of playing Indiana Jones. It was moment before the final boss arrived to the scene. Very peaceful, but it is building up to a certain point. When the boat arrived at the site we were being told that we only had 3 hours in the park. Later we discovered that this wasn't enough to really see everything.

Beforehand I didn't had any clue what to expect, really I didn't I knew it was in a jungle and that's it. I never heard about Yaxchilan until I arrived in Palenque. Maybe because this contributed to the entire experience, because everything would be nice if you don't expect anything. But arriving at the first ruins it was simply amazing and the new Indiana Jones could begin, it was possible for us to walk in these ruins and explore everything there was to see or maybe not to see, because everything was dark except for the light of our flashlights contributing a lot to the experience. Because there was a surprise waiting at every corner, sometimes it was a bat or another time a huge spider. Sometimes you had to walk back, because there was a cave in, all in all it was great experience. Unless you are afraid of spider like my Mom. Afterwards we went on to see all the other ruins in the jungle. For some of them you had to take a hike up the mountain and for some of them you had to go through thick jungle. It was amazing, especially with all the sounds of monkeys, birds and insects all around you. And when we arrive at Small Acropolis we saw our first wildlife in Mexico, there were some monkeys playing in the trees and some of them were sleeping. I loved watching them play. It was truly amazing, I say this, because it was my first experience we this kind of wild life. But the most amazing experience at Yaxchilan was seeing the stairs towards ¨Temple 33¨ it looked so amazing and I imagined to be Indiana Jones seeing his destination for the first time. The temple where the treasure is buried. The only thing that is left to do is climb the stairs, but you know that will be the hardest part. And you know that as soon as you have the treasure a ball will come down to crush you. It was living a childhood dream. This was truly the reason why I like travelling so incredible much. It is for these kinds of experiences.

Now it may sound a little bit childish, but I think it is never too late to realize your childhood dreams and Yaxchilan is a perfect location to live all your Indiana Jones dreams. At least for me it was and I can cross out another childhood dream on my list


bah881 says:
Thank YOu for your post and your reflections :)
This summer I gonna visit Chiapas and Yaxchilan is on my list of must -see in that region. Did you go there on one day tour or on your own?
Posted on: Apr 12, 2010
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