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It is always excited to do something for the first time in your life. Your first travel experience, your first kiss and for everything there is a first time. It was the same for me when we first arrived in Palenque. It was going to be my first time to see maya ruins in my entire life. Although still a little bit sick after eating the salade in Puebla we arrived in Palenque early in the morning. We didn't went to the ruins straight away, because we were stilling carrying our backpacks. We found our (Beautiful) hotel and unloaded all our stuff. After a quick dive in the swimmingpool we started preparing for going to the ruins. My first Maya Ruins

We expected that the entire park would be full of tourist. We hoped that as we went early in the morning that we still could make some pictures without to much people on the picture. Arriving at the site we were pleasantly suprised it wasn't busy at all, off course there were some people, but not more than most other things I visited. Maybe due to this fact it was bound to be an amazing day, even though I was still feeling weak and sick.

First we went to the ¨Temple of the Skull¨and the ¨Temple of Inscriptions¨. Simply amazing, it is just simply amazing to see how people can build these kind of things without any modern equipment. It was amazing and it was setting the bar high for all the other sites I'm going to visit this week. After strolling around along the ¨Palacio¨ and the ¨Temple of the Sun¨, which too were simply amazing, we took a sit at one of the temples a little bit higher up and enjoyed the view over the entire park and it felt really good to be there at that moment. With the sun in your face and all the sounds of the jungle aorund you it makes you feel in heaven on earth. And it is one of the many reasons why I enjoy travelling so incredible much. The excitement of exploring new cities and places. Seeing things for the first time and I would get bored of Palenque even after a second or a fifth time. I enjoy walking in the jungle and seeing ruins.

After seeing most of the building in Palenque and the museum (which is absolutly recommendable, if you want to know more about the mayas in Palenque) we went back to our hotel to rest a little and afterwards we were heading of the see some things in down-town Palenque. This wasn´t to exciting or special and only after a short while we decided to head back to the hotel and rest some more for the next day, because tomorrow we need to get up at six. Tomorrow we will be heading towards the Guatamala border to do a river cruise, seeing the ruins of Yaxchilan and Bonampak. In other words another long day. And it might not be the first time for seeing maya ruins (it will be for seeing these ruins in particular), but believe me not only the thing you do first in life make it worthwhile. The things you enjoy after doing it a 100 times make things worthwhile in life. That is why I love travlling, The tension of seeing things for the first time, with the enjoyment of coming home for the 100th time.

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photo by: monky