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Today something else was on the schedule. Today we didn't plan to see any ruins or what-so-ever. Today we planned to go to Aqua Azul and swim near the most beautiful waterfalls in Chiapas. At least that was what everybody was telling us. Although before coming there we heard a story of a Dutch-guy which we met in Yaxchilan that the waterfalls were brown instead of the beautiful blue color. That is why they call it Agua Azul (blue water). It had something to do with the rain on Tuesday, but even despite this warning we went with good hope, because they last few day have been amazing, with lots of sun, and we thought that all the brown water would be washed away.

But before we went to Aqua Azul another waterfall was on the tour planning first. The waterfalls of Misol-ha. Just one big waterfall. And as you might know the Netherlands do not have a lot of waterfalls, even if I remember it correctly we don't have even have 1 waterfall. So this was one of my first big waterfalls in my entire life and hopefully not the last one. And just like most things here in Chiapas, it was amazing. And for me it is always amazing to see the brute force of nature in these kinds of things. It remembers me who small we actually are. The really specially thing about Misol-ha was that it was possible to walk behind the waterfall and to swim underneath it. I did both and it was awesome. The water was really refreshing and cool and it was needed to take a dive, because it was so incredible humid today. And humidity means sweating like a mad-man.

After only an hour at Misol-ha (that is the annoying thing about traveling with tour operators, the time you can spend at the sites are always to short to see everything and it always make you want to come back for more, probably the reason why they do it mmmmmmm) we were going to see all 144 waterfalls in Aqua Azul. After an hour of driving we arrived at Aqua Azul and the waterfalls were stunning and yes the water was blue, Woot woot. It was amazing to walk up the hill and see all the waterfalls tumbling down the rocks. it was possible to take a hike around the entire region of waterfalls (which is around 7Km and through the jungle), but again we didn't have enough time to do so. Therefore we decided to take a swim near the waterfalls and that again so incredible refreshing. It was a perfect day to do this tour. With a strong current in the water it was quiet the exercise to swim there, but it was good, but too short. Because only 2.5 hours later we were heading back to Palenque for our final night, because tomorrow we will be heading for San Cristobal and maybe on the way there we will visit the ruins of Tonina, but that isn't sure yet. But one thing is sure, Palenque made a deep impression and I will cherish these memories forever.

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Agua Azul
photo by: jenniferhibbard