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Another regular update for all my friends and family everywhere around the world (and therefore this will be translated in Dutch). It is already two weeks ago that I left Holland to go on an internship in Mexico. So far it hasn't been much of an internship (yet), because all I have done is spending time with my girlfriend and yeah I loved it. Every minute that I could spend with Tere I spend with her. I even went together to her school and followed some lessons (which were interesting and in Spanish, so it was good, it had something to do with numbers and I like those). Yeah the last weeks felt like (a much needed) holiday. But like many things, this holiday also comes to an end......

Because the ticket to Mazatlan is already booked and the "real" life will start again (but luckily not yet). On Monday I will fly to Culiacan where hopefully I can see some things of the city before I take the bus to Mazatlan. On Monday I will see the entire YWAM family and I will meet everybody with whom I will spend the coming 5 months with. On one hand I'm really looking forward to meet everybody and to finally start my internship, on the other hand I don't want to leave Tere behind (again). I already missed her for 4,5 months and now I have to miss her again for some weeks. But I belief in our relationship and the love that we feel for each other and there will be nothing to worry about. I love you meissie.

But enough about that lets talk about last week since my regular update. Many things have happen. I saw and did so many things. Like I already wrote down during the week I visited Mexico City, Tepoztlan and Cuernavaca and I wanted to visit Xochicalco, but because the tourist office was closed I couldn't. So now I have to wait till my mom arrives in Mexico. But all the things I did, I did it together with Tere. To give a short summary of all the things I did with Tere. We went to the movies twice, we went out from dinner 3 times, we played pool and we went to drink something in the city, also twice. You might wonder how on earth you can put that in one week. I don't know, but it is possible :D But please don’t ask me how. It has something to do with the word planning ;)

But yeah I getting more and me used to everything is Mexico. The weather, the language (yeah my Spanish is improving rapidly) and the food (my stomach still is doing great). One thing I probably never will get used to is the fact that they put lemon and chili on everything. Even on their popcorn, cucumber and in beer. I agree lemon and chili makes some food better, but not everything. On the other hand the food in Mexico is amazing and I love it. It is so much better than the typical Dutch food, potatoes, vegetables and meat. Mexican food got so much more flavor and we need to have more of it in the Netherlands. Yummyyyy……!!!!but I Promised myself not to start about the weather, So I won't because it is amazing. Only sun, fresh breeze and no rain. Perfect. and I don't want to make anybody jealous

But yeah like I told everything was amazing, especially the restaurants, because the food is great, the service is perfect and the bill is cheap. Really I have been the most luxurious restaurants in Cuernavaca and still in the end you only pay around 10 to 15 Euro per person for a complete meal with drinks and everything and yeah (I know) compared to some other restaurant (even in the Netherlands) it is same or more expensive but still, you won’t get the service like you get in Mexico and belief me the food isn’t that good in those restaurants. And while in the Netherlands you sit in a small restaurant with too many people. In Mexico on the other hand they rebuild a complete Japanese village in order for you to enjoy Sushi in authentic Japanese style. Probably some people did that too in the Netherlands, but to eat there for 15 euros will be close to impossible. Even if someone gets their sushi from central station Utrecht they pay more. I know It is all a matter of perception, but if your not used to these luxurious things it can be nice to experience something like that from time to time, because I know I will never be able to enjoy such things in the Netherlands, because they are too expensive. But yeah that is something I did last night with the entire family and to let you all enjoy that I made some photos.

To conclude I would like to say hi to everybody in the Netherland and out there in the world who is reading the Blog. I love you all and I miss you (a little bit). Please let me know, by email or by commenting on this site, how you are doing, because it may not be as exciting as my life now, but I’m really eager to hear about it.

With lots of love and kisses from Mexico and God bless you all

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Cuernavaca Estado de Morelos
photo by: eschroeder12