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For everybody reading this travelblog. Sorry for letting you all know after one week that I'm still doing great and that everything is going perfectly wel with me.

Last week around this time I was sitting in the airplane for coming to Mexico, Probably the plane was flying above the Atlantic. After I arrived safely at Juarez international airport in Mexico City I found out that one of my bags got lost in Washington and was currently flying to Los Angeles. Luckily after 4 days I picked up my bag in Cuernavaca with everything still in there. The funny thing was that the bag arrived in Cuernavaca a day after I arrived, but they failed to call me as soon as it arrived, but then again as my girlfriend said it: "that is Mexico"

After my arrival in Mexico I used the first couple of days to get used to everything again and most of all to spend a lot of quality time with my girlfriend. The entire weekend we were together and talked a lot about what happend to us in the last few months and about the plans for the coming weeks. We planned most of the things during the weekend, because during the week Tere had to go to school and I could spend some time working on my research assignment for my internship. But the most important thing for me was that I was with my meissie again. The last couple fo months were to hard, I don't want to miss her again for such a long period.

But as the weekend went by the plans were more or less made. Because it was only the beginning of the semester Tere didn't have much homework to do what would mean that we could spend a lot of time together during the evenings. During last week we had a dinner and went to the movies (probably we go again next week) and many more and tonight we are going out to explore the night life in Cuernavaca. That will be a first for me. :D I will make pictures :D

This first was also really good to meet everybody again I met the last time. It was amazing to see everybody again and it felt like I never left. The first week was also incredible for my Spanish as Tere and I promised to each other to speak as much Spanish as possible and believe me when you are forced to speak a certain language you learn it faster than you can imagine. Maybe a funny detail for everybody at home. I passed both Spanish exams, which means that I passed all my Spanish courses in school, I really want to thank Tere for that by helping and supporting me. But as many might knowat my arrival in Mexico I met Tere her father and it was amazing. To be honest about that I was rather nervous about that meeting, she has an amazing father, just like the rest of her family. and I love to be back in Mexico. Only the biggest problem in the language barrier, but I'm working my ass off to get rid of that problem, because I really want to talk to her family and now sometimes it results in a funny situation (I have to use my arms and legs a lot), but it makes me want to speak Spanish even more, because there are so many thing I want them to ask....

For the coming days we have to planned to visit Mexico City. Because there is a really nice musuem (made of Bamboo) at the Zocalo that we would like to visit and I want to show everybody in Mexico that Dutch people invented ice-skating, because there is an ice-skate course at the Zocalo as well. Next to that we are going to visit an Aztec Ruin site and visit some friends.

Like I said in the beginning I doing really great and everything is amazing here. I'm so incredible happy that I can be with Tere again and also that my stomach is doing great (at least, I'm not eating any ice-creams). The only things I have to get used to is the language and the weather, because beliefe me or not today is the first day that I saw clouds. The weather has been amazing and now I know why they call Cuernavaca the city of the enternal spring. But the only thing is for me it is not spring but summer, because the temperature is soaring around the 30 degree celcius. Which is really amazing, because you won't break one sweat because it feels really fresh (together with a re-freshing wind) But it is something you have to get used to, because your body is still reacting to it.

I really hope that everybody in the Netherlands is doing well, because I'm going to sign out. I'm going to office depot to buy a new camara, because the old one broke and I'm going to buy me ticket to Mazatlan, because next week I hope to srrive there. As I sign out I want to wish everybody in the Netherlands (who I know) an amazing weekend.

Greetz Laurens 

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Cuernavaca Estado de Morelos
photo by: eschroeder12